Screwless Feeders accurately dose masterbatch or additives.

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Utilizing induced flow rotating cone, Micro Feeder B110 can dose down to a few granules at a time and up to 6.6 lb/hr of normal masterbatch. Posimax B200 employs positive displacement feeding and has only one moving part. Materials are fed via rotating channel, delivering true mass flow as materials are displaced from inlet to outlet. Intended for plastics processing, both feeders are pre-wired and include material storage hopper, low-level alarm, and controller.

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Colormax Offers Plastics Processors Two Innovative Screw-less Feeders for Precision Feeding of Masterbatch and Additives

TELFORD, UK - Colormax Limited, a leading manufacturer of innovative auxiliary equipment designed for material handling in the plastics industry, offers plastics processors two highly innovative screw-less feeding mechanisms to accurately dose free flowing masterbatch or additives into the process screw - the Micro Feeder (B110) and the Posimax (B200). By utilizing a simple induced flow rotating cone, Colormax's Micro Feeder (B110) is designed to dose down to a few granules at a time and up to 3 kg/hr (6.6 lb/hr) of normal masterbatch. The controller allows easy calibration of the desired additive ratio, which is either linked to the injection screw back time or to the extruder speed tachometer. The light-weight aluminum construction is designed with a swing open hopper for fast material change and includes a microprocessor controller fitted to the feeder. The pre-wired unit is simple to calibrate and is equipped with a material storage hopper and low level alarm. The Posimax (B200) additive feeder employs positive displacement feeding for exceptional accuracy, low maintenance and ease of use. The Posimax has one moving part, the feeding disc. By utilizing "Positive Displacement Channel Feeding Technology" materials are fed via a rotating channel, delivering a true mass flow as the materials are positively displaced from inlet to outlet. The vertical rotating disc creates a product lock-up zone that conveys the material smoothly from the storage hopper to the outlet. The pre-wired unit is simple to calibrate, is equipped with a material storage hopper, low level alarm, and controller. Typical applications that utilize Posimax include extrusion, injection molding, volumetric blending, and gravimetric blending. With an extrusion application, Posimax provides an accurate addition of minor ingredients either at a constant rate or following a tacho signal from the extruder. With injection molding, Posimax provides excellent linear accuracy, achieving consistent color accuracy when molding parts. With volumetric blending, when several materials fed to the process, several Posimax feeders can be linked to a central ratio controller to provide a highly accurate volumetric blend. With gravimetric blending, and for more demanding applications, Posimax can form part of a gravimetric blender, which provides the reliability of recipe control by weight and the added advantage of accurate material usage reports. About Colormax Colormax designs and manufactures innovative auxiliary equipment and automated systems for handling raw materials such as pellets, regrind, and powders. Colormax's product line includes additive feeders, conditioning equipment for gravimetric and volumetric blending, drying equipment, central receivers, in addition to, pneumatic, electric, sight glass, and filterless hopper loaders. Colormax offers full design, installation and commissioning services for central conveying and blending systems. Designed with simplicity, and manufactured for reliability, Colormax creates material handling solutions that save time and money. To learn more about Colormax and its full product line, visit Sales Contact in USA: John Collins General Manager Phone: (856) 256-3045 Email:

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