Screwdriver Spindle features inline torque sensor.

Press Release Summary:

SIZE-1 Screwdriver Spindle includes torque transducer based on strain-gauge technology, which obtains torque values by measuring reaction torque of gearing. Transducer connection is integrated with guide bolt above drivers' mounting area, providing access and protecting against damage. Minimum torque for spindle is 0.34 lb-in. and precision level of transducer is less than 1% standard deviation.

Original Press Release:

N E W Screwdriver Spindle Size-1 with Inline Torque Sensor

DEPRAG is proud to announce a new SIZE-1 Screwdriver Spindle with integrated Torque Transducer. The torque transducer is based on a strain-gauge technology, which obtains the torque values by measuring the reaction torque of the gearing. The transducer is now - when compared to the Piezo torque sensors used so far - fully integrated into the screwdriver spindle, which eliminates errors caused by an external force. The transducer connection is integrated with the guide bolt above the drivers' mounting area. This provides for an easier access and further protects against damage. Due to this connection change, the new spindles can be mounted into the same screwdriver fixtures as our standard- or reversible size-1 spindles.

In the past, the disadvantage of the strain-gage system, when compared to the Piezo technology, was the generally smaller measuring range. However, this disadvantage no longer exists, because the transducers torque range roughly corresponds to the tools torque range. Therefore, the screwdriver's function is not limited in any way. The measuring systems speed does not depend on the transducer system, but on the mass to be accelerated and the torque monitor used. Compared to the previous supplier measuring screwdrivers, we are now able to minimize the mass to be accelerated due to the mechanical setup, so that even in highly dynamic applications (hard screw joint and high speed), realistic and accurate measuring results will be achieved. The precision level of the integrated transducer is less than 1% standard deviation. For more technical specifications as well as dimensions etc., please use the following LINK to view a product specification sheet.

As you can see on the specification sheet, the minimum torque for the new size-1 transducer integrated spindle is 0.4 Nm, which corresponds to 0.34 inch pounds. The spindles are available in many different designs, such as right-rotation, left-rotation, remote start and any combination thereof.

The corresponding Torque Measuring Instrument, Model No. ME1000-DMS is also available effective immediately. This measuring instrument is based on the same principles of all other DEPRAG measuring units.

Another very advantageous item is that the cost of this new type of tool is much lower when compared to a standard Piezo Screwdriver Spindle.

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Newsletter 200517, July 2005
Lori A Logan - Marketing Manager

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