Scratch Free Handling at High Speed

FlexLink launches a gentle handling offer for the confectionery industry

By finding synergy effects from other industry solutions, FlexLink is offering a wide range of solutions to an industry where quality of the product packaging has a very strong impact on the consumer's purchase decision.

FlexLink has packed the best of its solutions and functions for gentle and scratch free transportation and handling of sensitive products. "We have worked with scratch sensitive products for many years, some coming from the tobacco and tissue industry, and we have managed to create an impressive library of standard solutions and functions" says Paolo Pusceddu, CTO FlexLink AB.

The importance of the image of a confectionery brand cannot be overstated. Confectionery manufacturers go to great lengths to ensure that the high finish, high quality packaging materials used, reinforce their marketing efforts. The level of printing quality, film finish and graphic design is continually rising. Packaging materials must not get damaged during the production process, since not only does this hurt the brand image, but it also has a direct negative impact on the consumer's purchase decision.

FlexLink's gentle handling offer contains high speed conveyors, standard solutions for elevation, accumulation and different dynamic merge and divert techniques. There is also a wide range of solutions for gentle handling such as rotators, twisters and flippers. When it comes to extreme cases FlexLink offers solutions with flocked chain. Trials carried out with film wrapped packs show that the film is unmarked even after 30 minutes of accumulating against a high running speed flock surface conveyor.

Dynamic line control assures gentle accumulation and distribution techniques. "Our new conveyor platform X85 can run at 120 m/min, but running high speed without a good line control concept is a disaster for the products handled. You must be able to control the flow in every step, avoiding queuing up products and the risk of the products touching each other. Avoiding back pressure is essential to product quality" adds Paolo Pusceddu.

In 2008, FlexLink's largest order came from the confectionery industry. FlexLink provided one of Europe's largest manufacturers of chocolate bars with a state of the art system providing significantly higher capacity and yield. The solution was based on sophisticated handling equipment and the X85 conveyor and pallet systems, launched in 2007.

FlexLink Group
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Marketing Manager, EMEA
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