Scissor Blade Sharpener helps extend blade life.

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Suited for conventional or air-powered scissor blades, EdgeKing(TM) Precision Scissors Sharpener employs Cubic Boron Nitride-coated grinding wheel that maintains uniform shape. Unit includes spring-loaded arm, blade guide, and 2 blade holders: one fixed at 25°, and one adjustable up to 55°. Available in 110 and 220 V models, product has vacuum ready design with overhead light, mounted steeling rod, and built-in diamond point tool for dressing wheel.

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EdgeKing(TM) Adds Speed and Accuracy to Blade Sharpening, Along with Significantly Improved Blade Life

Birmingham, Oh., February 18, 2004 - The EdgeKing(TM) Precision Scissors Sharpener from Bettcher Industries delivers faster, more accurate and consistent blade sharpening for conventional or air-powered scissors blades. The result: reduced labor requirements and up to 30% longer blade life.

The EdgeKing(TM) design features a unique, long-life Cubic Boron Nitride (CBN) coated grinding wheel that maintains its uniform shape, thus ensuring the proper blade angle is maintained for each and every sharpening operation. With blades sharpened at the same angle every time, less blade material is removed.

Optimum blade sharpness also means that scissors do not need to be sharpened as often. In fact, in many cases only a buffing procedure may be required, thus eliminating the blade-removing sharpening step and saving additional labor time.

Unlike conventional stone grinding wheels, EdgeKing's CBN-coated wheel does not become ground away with usage. Moreover, no daily OSHA ring or bell crack test is required.

EdgeKing(TM) precision sharpeners are easy and effortless to operate. Clamp the blade just once in the arm to grind, steel and buff the entire blade edge with precision accuracy. The spring-loaded arm and blade guide ensure uniform grinding on all blades, even for curved blades or those up to 16 inches long. Two blade holders are available - one fixed at 25 degrees and the other adjustable up to 55 degrees - thereby making EdgeKing able to sharpen practically any blade style or configuration. In addition, a mounted steeling rod makes blade maintenance not only more exact, but also easier and faster to complete.

EdgeKing(TM) units feature a durable, industrial-duty capacitor start motor, with lifetime lubricated and sealed ball bearings that won't slow down under normal load conditions, or burn out even with repeated overloading. The "vacuum ready" design ensures a safe, clean work area with little or no airborne dust, while the safe, accessible sealed "on-off" switch keeps out dust and eliminates related failures.

EdgeKing(TM) precision sharpeners are available in 110 volt and 220 volt models. Each unit includes an illuminating overhead light for enhanced operator visibility, as well as a built-in diamond point tool for truing and dressing the buffing wheel.

The powerful combination of labor-saving procedures, more accurate blade sharpening, and up to 30% longer blade life results in valuable bottom-line benefits for users. For more information on the superior performance, cost-and labor-saving qualities of EdgeKing(TM) sharpeners, contact Scott Gregory at (800) 321-8763 or (440) 965-4422. You may also e-mail your request to, or visit

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