Scientific Refrigerators and Freezers

Tovatech announces Norlake refrigerators and freezers. Tovatech announces an innovative comprehensive line of Laboratory Refrigerators, Freezers and Environmental Stability Chambers from Nor-Lake. With microprocessor controlled temperature and humidity, the Nor-Lake units provide reliable environmental control for pharmaceutical test protocols.

The laboratory refrigerators include Temp displays at eye-level - easy to monitor. Can choose auto defrost or manual defrost. It has alarms and chart recorders which provide easy recordkeeping. Also includes standard door locks for peace of mind with the choice of legs, levelers, or casters - fits your lab.

The laboratory freezers include Extra low temperature. It also has flammable storage with routine scientific and laboratory storage.

The Stability Testing Chambers include reliable temperature and humidity control - worry-free. It has Locks and alarms - peace of mind with temperature charting and alarm logging - easy recordkeeping. It also includes CFC-free - environmentally friendly and in a size to meet your specific needs.


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