Schréder Lighting USA Highlights Sealsafe® Optical System in the United States

Innovation Increases Street Lighting Levels and Safety, Reducing Crime and Vandalism and Minimizing Energy and Maintenance Costs

Chicago, Illinois - After more than two decades of producing the energy efficient optical system for commercial outdoor lighting, SchrEder Lighting USA highlights the innovative, award-winning Sealsafe® Optical Lighting System in the United States. Sealsafe street luminaires have delivered higher levels of light while minimizing light pollution, energy and maintenance costs, and reducing levels of crime and vandalism. Schreder Lighting USA, the newest of the 40-member SchrEder Group G.I.E. located in 36 countries on four continents, is marketing the SchrEder brand in the fields of Public Lighting, Floodlighting, Tunnel/Transit Lighting, Industrial and Urban Lighting.

Schreder's famous Sealsafe system has significantly impacted society through its outstanding innovation, growing from a high-quality product into a revolutionary lighting and lifestyle philosophy, much of which is becoming apparent in current street lighting practice and being incorporated into revised codes and standards. For residential streets where crime is an issue, the robust construction of the Sealsafe unit has dramatically reduced the rate of vandalism and other crimes, resulting in significantly lower maintenance and energy costs for local authorities. In addition, the high level of optical efficiency of Schreder reflectors reduces the number of lighting fixtures needed to illuminate any given area, thus lowering the fixture, installation and maintenance costs. Applications of the Sealsafe approach have been adapted from conventional single-unit street lighting luminaires to multi-unit installations that illuminate major highways.

Granted a "Queen's Award for Enterprise: Innovation" several years ago in the United Kingdom, the Sealsafe System continues to prevent dust and water ingress to the IP66 standard after 22 years in use, according to independent SI tests in the Borough of Wandsworth where the firm's ZX1 luminaires are still performing to standard.

Sealsafe ensures lifetime protection with a hermetically sealed optical unit, crafted of 99.9 percent pure cast aluminum and designed with a reflector bonded to its lens. The high-performance unit is engineered with "Breathing Seal Technology." When the lamp switches on, air expands and exhausts out of the sealed optic compartment eliminating stress on bonded surfaces. When the lamp switches off, air cools, a vacuum is created and outside air pressure pushes seal against smooth interior surface to restrict inrush of air and dirt. The pressure difference equalizes over time, without ingress of dirt or moisture.

Maintenance professionals can access the lamp easily by removing a quarter turn lampholder support that features a unique Lip Gasket (pictured), which creates a waterproof, dustproof enclosure. In addition, the Sealsafe optical unit is enclosed inside the luminaire, creating a "double envelope." Sealsafe's unique design enhances luminaire performance and eliminates internal cleaning of the reflector while granting IP66 tightness level to the optical unit for many years.

Backed by Schreder's 20-year warranty for the optical unit's tightness, the Sealsafe System has been proven highly reliable since its inception 22 years ago. Sealsafe, widely used in the Schreder range of products, provides many reflector sizes and designs that offer designers tremendous freedom to use the latest lamp technology, including the white light CDM-T and the brand-new Cosmopolis lamp, preferred in many residential installations. The Right Lighting is achieved with optimal tubular "point source" lamp positioning inside the optical unit while illuminating the installation's parameters, and therefore, a higher level of light flux is spread on the ground surface without lighting pollution and spillage into windows of residential homes. These state-of-the-art luminaires have increased public safety and reduced crime and fear by transforming the collective psychology of citizens living and working in urban areas.

The Sealsafe System is manufactured to the ultimate in Quality Assurance, using EN ISO-9001 standards and the latest production techniques, including microprocessor-controlled robotics (linked to the CAD system), which applies the industrial sealant in the reflector unit.

About Schreder Lighting USA

Founded in 1927 in Belgium, Schreder Group G.I.E. is an international group that specializes in upscale, architectural outdoor lighting that is at the forefront of technological and aesthetic innovation. The members and affiliated companies of the Schreder Group share facilities and powerful tools for R&D, manufacturing, high-level photometric studies, and laboratory testing. Findings are made available to all companies in the group with the purpose of providing clients with the best options for the "Right Lighting".

The "Right Lighting" Motto pertains to the enabling of design performance criteria that best incorporates economical, ecological, and energy efficient fundamentals.

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