Schneider Packaging's VCP 15 uses Servo Technology to Delicately Pack Pharmaceutical Products

BREWERTON, NY (September, 2007) -Schneider Packaging Equipment Company combines a top loading vertical case packer with servo pick-and-place, vision label verification and servo leaflet inserters to create complete and accurate case packing for delicate pharmaceutical products. The VCP-15 automatically places individual bottles into pharmaceutical shipping trays, inserts leaflets, and then seals the carton in an impressively compact footprint.

The VCP 15 accumulates product into a guarded holding area. The bottled product is then selected using a servo pick-and-place and positioned in a bottom shipping tray that has been automatically loaded in the case blank. The filled case moves to a multilateral leaflet insert station where the correct number of leaflets is packed into the case. A servo driven mechanism places the top tray in the case creating a protective cover. The carton is then automatically glued and taped and cycles to a discharge station.

The plastic trays are designed to hold delicate pharmaceutical products in a precise configuration that protects the product from any damage during shipping and unloading. The VCP 15 is capable of automatically adjusting its servo arms to pack different height bottles and different depth cases with unsurpassed accuracy and flexibility.

Schneider manufactures a complete line of case packers, tray packers, and case erectors along with robotic palletizing systems. Schneider offers a variety of ancillary equipment such as cartoners, conveyors, pallet dispensers, shuttle cars, and elevators that can easily be integrated with coding/labeling equipment, product code scanners, weight checking, and stretch or shrink wrapping equipment to provide a complete system solution. Some of their specialty markets include the pharmaceutical, food, beverage, paper, replication, industrial, and personal care industries.

Whatever the requirements, Schneider works to provide the best solution for any unique need. Schneider Packaging is an Authorized System Integrator for FANUC Robotics.For more information, contact our sales department by phone at (315) 676-3035 or fax at (315) 676-2875, or visit

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