SCHMIDT® Flow-Sensor Now with Status Indicator

SCHMIDT Technology GmbH has equipped the flow sensor SS 20.60 and SS 25.60 with a
new helpful function. Information about the current flow velocity and the sensors status are displayed directly on the sensor.

Four LEDs signalize with green light the metered value relative to the Measuring range.
Therefor the range was divided into four sections (20%, 50%, 80% und 100%). Two LEDs
change their colour to orange when the flow gets out of the Measuring range.
At a faulty function the LEDs are blinking in red colour. The operator can identify directly, if the power supply voltage or the temperature range is below or above the limits or if the sensor is defect.

The sensors have proved their capability for measuring flow velocity and air volume
respectively in compressed air system or process technology at flow velocities up to 200 m/s and temperatures as high as 350 °C.

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