Schenck Process Certifies Fastest in Motion Train Scale for North America

The Schenck Process LegalWeight scale is officially NTEP certified for the dynamic weighing of railcars in motion.

The design utilizes instrumented concrete weighing ties equipped with high precision load cells that accurately measure vertical force. Installation of the weighing system is done without a pit and is mounted directly on top of the ballast reducing overall installation time to two days or less for most applications.

The LegalWeight weighing system is integrated into the existing rail without any gaps, eliminating the maintenance issues associated with impact and expansion. With installation of the ties taking hours, track downtime is greatly reduced compared to older designed pit type scales.

Important features include:

Legal-for-trade dynamic weighing of railcars to NTEP testing requirements

Installation without rail gaps and foundation

Operates legal-for-trade at weighing speeds up to 14 mph

Over 300 installations worldwide

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