Scanner provides automated, nondestructive testing.

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WeldROVER(TM) is suited for testing metal plates, pipes, vessels, and welded components from 4 in. in diameter to flat surfaces and on longseam welds 30 in. in diameter or larger. It is capable of full calibration of every focal flaw on every channel for time of flight, sensitivity, TCGDAC, and velocity. Operated via 2-button remote control and speed selection switch, 1-axis encoded, motorized unit combines with other devices to provide phased array/TOFD/ultrasound capabilities for inspectors.

Original Press Release:

Olympus Launches the Weldrover Automated Scanner

Olympus is pleased to introduce the WeldROVER(TM) automated scanner for nondestructive testing (NDT) on metal plate, pipes, vessels and welded components from 4 inches (100 mm) in diameter to flat surfaces and on longseam welds 30 inches (750 mm) in diameter or larger. The WeldROVER can be used with the modular OmniScan MX flaw detector or TomoScan Focus LT to provide Phased Array (PA), Time of Flight Diffraction (TOFD) and advanced conventional ultrasound (UT) capabilities for both the standard and advanced level inspector.

The WeldROVER is part of the PV200 family of Olympus systems that combine phased array, conventional UT, and TOFD technologies for a complete turn key solution for code based inspections to ASME, API, AWS, and similar procedures. The WeldROVER PV200 system is designed and developed specifically to comply with these features. It is the only phased array system on the market today that can demonstrate a full calibration of every focal law on every channel for: Time of Flight, Sensitivity (ACG as defined by ASME), TCGDAC, and Velocity.

The WeldROVER itself is a small, versatile and easy to operate one-axis encoded, motorized scanner. The scanner is operated using a two-button remote control and speed selection switch. Data acquisition is acquired with either an Omniscan MXU for direct acquisition or Focus LT for computer based acquisition.

The Omniscan MXU contains all the features, wizards, and analysiseporting tools to perform high level Phased Array and TOFD inspections to ASME, API, AWS, and similar procedures and codes.

Any Olympus UT or PA instrument with an encoder input is compatible with the WeldROVER and requires no programming besides entering the encoder information. Additionally, standard OmniScan or Tomoview software is used. No two way communication between the scanner and instrument is required. The scanner is completely controlled from the WeldROVER remote controller.

About Olympus NDT

Olympus NDT is a world-leading manufacturer of innovative nondestructive testing instruments that are used in industrial and research applications ranging from aerospace, power generation, petrochemical, civil infrastructure and automotive to consumer products. Leading edge testing technologies include ultrasound, ultrasound phased array, eddy current, and eddy current array. Its products include flaw detectors, thickness gages, in-line systems, automated systems, industrial scanners, pulser-receivers, probes, transducers, and various accessories. Olympus NDT is also a distributor of remote visual inspection instruments and high speed video cameras in the Americas. Olympus NDT is based in Waltham, Massachusetts, USA, and has sales and service centers in all principal industrial locations worldwide.

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