Scalable Software helps manage virtual machines and desktops.

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Promoting business agility, Virtual Resource Manager (VRM) facilitates, automates, and accelerates deployment and management of virtual machines and desktops. It lets companies determine how to use physical and virtual compute assets, where to allocate resources, and what access to give to business units/individuals, all within corporate governance and compliance requirements. Solution is built on open architecture and can be customized for specific environments.

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DynamicOps Introduces Unique Virtual Machine Management Software

Software based on two years of large data center production deployment

BURLINGTON, Mass., June 23 -- DynamicOps, a venture-funded spinout of Credit Suisse, today introduced Virtual Resource Manager, software that simplifies, automates, and accelerates the deployment and management of virtual machines to give companies true business agility.

The software has been used in production for more than two years in four large-scale, complex data centers at Credit Suisse, managing thousands of virtual machines (VM).

Virtual Resource Manager (VRM) automates the deployment and management of virtual servers and desktops, from the time they're created until they're retired. It lets companies determine how to use physical and virtual compute assets, where to allocate resources, and what access to give to business units and individuals, all within a company's corporate governance and compliance requirements.

"Enterprises will continue to invest significantly in virtualization, driving major demand for automation and management solutions," explained Jeff Byrne, senior analyst, Taneja Group. "Because IT managers find it increasingly challenging to provision and manage virtual machines throughout their lifecycle, this need will grow quickly and substantially."

VRM is a functionally rich and mature virtual machine management application with proven scalability, and meets the virtualization challenges of the most demanding enterprises. VRM's open architecture works with virtualization tools and technologies from Citrix, Microsoft, Sun, and VMWare and is compatible with Windows and Linux operating systems and a host of other data center products already in use by many large companies. The software is easily customized for specific environments.

VRM brings a level of product maturity and capability that is not found in currently available virtual infrastructure management products. This new offering uses Credit Suisse's operational expertise to help companies:

-- accelerate service delivery by combining automated self-service provisioning with process automation;

-- enforce compliance with build specifications and processes;
-- track resource usage and chargeback;
-- identify rogue and abandoned virtual machines;
-- deliver support for multi-vendor virtualization technologies;
-- provide proven scalability to manage thousands of virtual machines.

The self-service capability of VRM lets business groups decide what computing resources they need; they can then create their own virtual machines in minutes, rather than the hours, days, or weeks it used to take. This gives them the computing power they need to get new products to market quickly and it eliminates costly, time-consuming manual processes to manage the virtual environment.

"Automated management software that offers enterprise-level scalability, high availability, and an open architecture to integrate with existing tools and processes have the best chance of success in what is fast becoming a discerning market. In addition, proven deployment of a product is an essential consideration for enterprises that seriously want to manage their virtual infrastructure long term," Byrne continued.

The software enables compliance enforcement by eliminating inconsistent and undocumented processes and rapid multiplication of nonstandard, poorly configured virtual systems. It is extremely easy to use and requires no advanced skill set or substantial knowledge of IT infrastructure to implement and maintain virtual machine deployments.

"The unique self-service capability allows business lines to instantly provide new IT environments, and at the same time, allows central IT to maintain proper controls and policies," explained Leslie Muller, the driving force behind the product development at Credit Suisse, and now CTO at DynamicOps. "VRM provisions servers, desktops, applications, and tools as a single package for our clients, providing faster access to custom environments and resources at a fraction of the cost. It also helps IT employees develop applications and products faster to increase company revenues."

The software is priced beginning at $99 per VM and will be available in July, 2008.

DynamicOps offers virtual infrastructure provisioning and management software. It is a private company based in Burlington, MA, a venture funded spinout developed by Credit Suisse. VRM creates a secure environment where virtual machines are provisioned, tracked, and maintained from cradle to grave.

CONTACT: Sue Myers of DynamicOps, +1-978-369-6336,

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