SBS-8400 Battery Capacity Tester with Monitoring

The SBS-8400 was designed as an improved version of the popular Torkel 840(TM) load tester. The SBS-8400 has similar discharging capabilities as the Torkel 840(TM), however, it has the advantage of having a user-friendly touch screen menu and a built-in data monitoring/acquisition system complete with wireless modules and software.

The wireless modules are easy to hook up. Each module can record the real-time voltage of up to four individual cells or multi-cell blocks. During the test the user can view real-time data on the unit's large 5.7" color screen or through their own laptop.

The SBS-8400 is also unique in that it has adjustable automatic stop points. In addition, if you want to change the settings during a discharge test (current, stop time, stop voltage, etc.) you can do so without stopping the test. The unit can be easily set to automatically stop the test if a single cell or the entire string falls below a user set voltage. A test can be done safely without the technician being on site and without the danger of over-discharging an individual cell or the entire system. The unit comes complete with software which allows the download of test results via USB flash drive and exports complete reports including individual cell voltages, graphs, etc.

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