Saws feature manual vise with quick release.

Press Release Summary:

Model 220 and 270 saws have 2-speed direct-drive gear box and no belts or pulleys for more efficient operation. 220 and 270 come in 2 and 2.5 hp, respectively, with blade sizes of 96-1/2 x 1 in. and 115 x 1 in., and blade speeds of 118 to 236 fpm. Steel-fabricated base reduces vibration and is low-profile. Saws feature CE-Certified electronics and blade-door interlocks for operator and machine safety.

Original Press Release:

SAR 220 & 270 Miter Bandsaw

Simplicity and Reliability are Built into these saws for Dependable Cutting Standard Features of the Dake 220 & 270 * The benefit of oil flow controlled gravity, hydraulic head down feed * 2-speed direct drive gear box, no belts or pulleys for most efficient operation * Easy accurate easy set for miters up to 600 right / with single head swivel lock * Manual vise with quick release for fast repeat clamping (270 has gib adjustable vise) * CE Certified electronics, and blade door interlocks for operator and machine safety. * Down feed speed lock with push pull operation for preset repeatability and head positioning * End of cut auto shut off switch, shuts blade off at the end of the cut for unattended cutting * Mechanical preset blade tensioning system for fast blade changes and blade breakage shut-off for safety. * Efficient recirculating coolant system with electric coolant pump * Horizontally mounted guide arms with roller and carbide blade guides are rigid for prolonged blade life and straightest cuts * Large steel fabricated base reduces vibration and is low profile for ease of operation * Balanced head frame for easy single handed head return Horse power 2 HP 2.5 HP Blade speeds 118 / 236 fpm 118 / 236 fpm Blade size 96 1/2"x1" 115" x 1" Machine weight 728 lbs. 948 lbs. Foot print 33"w x 58"d 43"w x 72"d Miter capacity 900 - 60° right 900 - 60° R (450 L with optional vise) Cut capacity @ 900 ° 450 Cut capacity @ 900 / 450 Round 9" /51/2" 10 1/2" / 9" Square 8"15 1/2" 10 1/4" /8 1/4" Rectangular 91/2"x6" 151/2"x51/2" 13"x10" /9"x 6"

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