Saw Blade Grinder provides totally automated sharpening.

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For consistent, accelerated machining of carbide tipped circular saw blades, Model CHD 251 R2 (The Service Center) incorporates automatic grinding machine, intelligent robotic system for loading/unloading, and PMC multiprocessor. Modular nature promotes machining flexibility by allowing for addition of other machines and carriages to expand scope of operation as capacities increase. Robotic handling system begins with 2/3/5/7 loading carriages capable of handling 50-600 saw blades.

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Total Automation Comes to Saw Blade Grinding

Carnegie, PA..... Vollmer of America Corporation has introduced the new Model CHD 251 R2 fully automatic sharpening system. Dubbed "The Service Center", this machine delivers consistent and fast machining of carbide tipped circular saw blades. The Service Center incorporates an automatic grinding machine, an intelligent robotic system for loading/unloading and Vollmer's PMC multi processor that handles all aspects of the machining operation. The Service Center meets today's demands while setting new standards for future sharpening requirements. The modular design of the Service Center provides optimum machining flexibility. Adding additional machines and carriages can expand the scope of operation and as capacities increase. The grinding machine delivers precise, consistent and fast machining of carbide tipped saw blades used in wood, plastic, steel or non-ferrous metals applications. This machine has been designed for 24/7 operation and provides maximum flexibility to handle varying blade diameters and tooth configurations. Complete 5 axis machining delivers precise grinding of the most intricate tooth geometries in a single set-up. The robotic handling system begins with 2, 3, 5 or 7 loading carriages capable of handling 50 to 600 saw blades with processing to accommodate carbide-tipped, HSS steel blades or both. Automated handling accurately positions each blade into the machine based on its diameter, thickness, tooth angle, stock removal, etc. The Service Center becomes automated through Vollmer's intelligent, yet simple programming combining CNC control of axes and unique PMC processors. Saw blade management can be accomplished "off-line" from the customer's PC. Graphic prompting allows operators to enter simple data in order to generate grinding programs. Easily reviewed at both control desk and data input station. Historical data, as well as existing programs can be stored and recalled. For additional information, please contact Vollmer of America Corporation at 412.278.0655 or visit us on the internet at

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