Save 8 To 22% of Water and Sewer Bills with the Teravalve Water Conservation Valve

Summit, New Jersey – Just by correcting the water meter measurement and reducing air slugs in the water system can help users save thousands of dollars every year. The TeraValve water conservation valve works on a patented technology that can 'reduce the gallons per minute being used in non volumetric uses such as showers, sinks, irrigation and processing facilities'.

A significant amount of air present in water systems is calculated along with the volume of air as there is no mechanism to distinguish water from air. As a result users are charged for air along with the water. Also, most water systems deliver at a pressure range of 50 ro 80 psi per opening/closing when using sprinklers, hose or toilet sink. Pressure in the water drops thereby causing the air to expand and results in the over spinning of the water meter. Also, many water users receive water supply at a pressure that exceeds 65 psi. This mismatch again increases the consumption of water for many users. To control the problem of over pressure, users often install pressure reducers, but these need regular maintenance and may fail.

TeraValve refers to the Boyle's Law on gas pressure and the principle of volumetric dynamics by Le Chatellier. The valve when installed close to a position close to the water meter helps to maintain constant pressure with the use of a spring loaded plunger. This results in a solid core of back pressure being created on the other side of the water meter. Water is thereby compressed causing it lose its volume until it reaches and passes through the TeraValve. Once water is passed through the meter, air is restored to its original position. It also helps by controlling the sudden surge or loss in the flow of water.

The water savings valve is ideal for commercial units like Laundromats, hotels, high rise condos, large apartment blocks, and several other industrial units.

About TeraValve:

TeraValve is a part of TeraHoldings LLC that manufactures energy efficient products that can save on electricity and water to reduce thousands of dollars in water and sewer bills. To know more, visit

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