Sauce Manufacturing Simplified with Increased Quality

A large, international manufacturer of frozen prepared foods approached Quadro to help find a solution to their preparation of a sauce-mix. The manufacturer was looking for a system that would blend dry powder consisting of flake parsley, guar gum and other seasonings into an oil/water mixture. The key was to provide enough shear to disperse the guar while avoiding damage to the delicate flake seasonings.

In order to achieve the desired results, a Quadro Ytron® Powder Disperser was employed for powder dispersion and a Quadro Ytron® Y Jet Mixer was used to maintain a uniform blend in the mix tank. The Powder Disperser produced a smooth, lump-free sauce without damage to the delicate flake spices, in a single-pass. The in-tank Y-Jet Mixer maintained complete uniformity of the batch without damaging any of the shear-sensitive sauce ingredients and did not necessitate a requirement for an expensive and difficult-to-clean sweep agitator.

An added benefit of the Jet Mixer action was its ability to uniformly blend IQF vegetables into the sauce without degrading their inherent structure.

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