Satellite Hub supports mobile networks in hostile areas.

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Tested to MIL-STD 810F standards, Series 12200 Universal 4-Slot Industrialized Hub enables network operators to implement and manage mobile satellite network in field. It hosts multiple inbound and outbound networks on up to 4 different satellites and enables on-the-fly deployment of complete satellite networks to meet mobile connectivity needs. Hub can deliver mobile broadband connectivity, including videoconferencing and VoIP, to thousands of remotes.

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iDirect Launches Ruggedized Satellite Hub to Support Mobile Networks in Hostile Environments

Enhanced software supports new hub as well as industry-first spectrum analyzer built into network management system

HERNDON, Va., Aug. 19 -- VT iDirect, Inc. (iDirect), a subsidiary of VT Systems Inc (VT Systems), today launched its Series 12200 Universal 4-Slot Industrialized Hub, a durable solution which allows network operators to implement and manage a mobile satellite network in the field. The new 4-slot hub will operate using iDirect's enhanced iDS 8.3 software, engineered for use in mobile applications. The software also supports iDirect's new SkyMonitor Spectrum Analyzer, a core network management tool that allows satellite operators to troubleshoot and monitor network performance. iDirect is a world leader in satellite-based IP communications technology.

The new Universal 4-Slot Industrialized Hub enables military and relief organizations to deploy complete satellite networks at a moments notice, meeting a critical need for unfailing mobile connectivity in the field. Military forces increasingly depend on satellite communications to receive real-time information that impacts vital decisions. iDirect's new 4-slot hub is capable of delivering broadband connectivity, including videoconferencing and voice over IP, to thousands of remotes. The hub will support a range of government, first responder, disaster recovery and communications-on-the-pause applications.

iDirect's new 4-slot hub has been strenuously tested in accordance with the US government's MIL-STD 810F certification for temperature, altitude, humidity, shock and vibration. The hub is fully operational in temperatures ranging from minus 22 degrees to 140 degrees Fahrenheit (or minus 30 degrees to 60 degrees Celsius). It can host multiple inbound and outbound networks on up to four different satellites. The unit represents the industry's first mobile hub built on the superior bandwidth efficiency of an IP Time Division Multiple Access (TDMA) network.

"The special operations community and other defense forces demand absolute control over every aspect of their communications systems. The performance and durability of the new iDirect 4-Slot Industrialized Hub enable these organizations to be self-sufficient and manage end-to-end networks that better support crucial operations and maneuvers."

President, iDirect Government Technologies

iDirect's enhanced iDS 8.3 software also supports the new SkyMonitor Spectrum Analyzer. SkyMonitor features an eight port auto-switching spectrum analyzer which allows network operators to monitor the spectral data of inbound and outbound carriers in real-time. The spectrum analyzer can monitor multiple frequencies and enables network operators to rapidly diagnose poor performance due to RF interference or other carrier-related issues. Because SkyMonitor is fully integrated with iDirect's iVantage Network Management System, operators do not require advanced knowledge of RF engineering to maintain high performance quality and ensure service level agreements. Spectrum analyses are presented using SkyMonitor's built-in digital Fast Fourier Transformation technology.

The Series 12200 Universal 4-Slot Industrialized Hub and SkyMonitor Spectrum Analyzer products will be shipping in the third quarter of 2008.

iDirect, a subsidiary of VT Systems, is transforming the way the world gets and stays connected. The company's satellite-based IP communications technology enables constant connectivity for voice, video and data applications in diverse and challenging environments. These include extending private networks to remote offices; supporting mobile connectivity across land, sea and air; providing rural telephony and Internet broadband; and maintaining communications in the wake of disasters and network failures. The iDirect Intelligent Platform(TM) integrates advanced technology into iDirect's portfolio of hubs, routers and network management software to address the growing complexity of deploying and managing global IP networks. With more than 13 years of global satellite communications experience, iDirect serves customers in 50 countries through a diverse network of channel partners, including some of the largest satellite providers, operators and carriers in the world and seven of the World Teleport Association's Global Top Ten. Headquartered in Herndon, Virginia, iDirect has offices in Europe, Asia, Middle East, Africa and Latin America. Please visit

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