Sanitary Vibratory Check-Screeners Improve Production Process at Clipper Teas

Clipper Teas improve productivity and reach quality control objectives with Russell Compact 3in1 Sieve™

Clipper Teas is a leading manufacturer of green, white and black teas who produce 15,000-17,000 Ibs of tea per day. With handling and blending critical to the production of high quality tea, Clipper are continuously looking for ways to enhance their product quality. The company were initially using one loading system to transfer bags of raw material onto a bucket elevator. However having this system proved to be problematic as production was halted if the system required cleaning or maintenance. Furthermore the reciprocating screen was difficult to dismantle and clean and the unit could not be visually inspected without dismantling.

The company decided to search for a new loading and screening system which would enable ease of changing screens and the ability to visually monitor the tea as it is screened. It was decided that two systems would be purchased to ensure production would not be disrupted during maintenance. Having worked with Russell Finex previously, tests were arranged on four different teas and it was determined that the Russell Compact 3in1 Sieve™, incorporating a bag dumping station, would be the most appropriate machine as it met both Clipper's loading and screening requirements. Two large 36-inch diameter sieves were installed, due to the oversized nature of the bags being tipped into them. Designed for check screening ingredients through low-level bag emptying, the Russell Compact 3in1 Sieve™ is easy to assemble and disassemble and enables screens to be changed quickly and efficiently.

"The two Compact 3in1 sieves have enabled screening capacity to be doubled, allowing for greater flexibility, improved screening and therefore a reduction in waste and labor costs.”" - Steve Norris, Clipper Teas

Russell Finex operate a fully-equipped research and test laboratory, giving customers the opportunity to test Russell sieving, separation and filtration equipment. This comprehensive service ensures the correct machine is selected for each unique application.

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