Sanitary Vertical Z Conveyor Eliminates Need for Bucket Conveyors

The DynaClean® Vertical Z Conveyor is designed to meet food processors’ needs while reducing cleaning times

The DynaClean Vertical Z Conveyor offers a design that is much easier to clean than bucket conveyors. The Vertical Z Conveyor is an ideal solution for processing facilities that have a need to move products such as nuts, seeds, candy, granola, fruits and vegetables to higher elevations.

The Vertical Z Conveyor offers a very open design with no place for anything to hide. “The DynaClean conveyors are much quicker and easier to clean than bucket elevators. The time is cut in about half, which means our labor has been cut in half,” said Andy Fontana, Maintenance Manager at Hughson Nut.

There are no tools needed, no small parts to lose, and no nooks or crannies to clean. The solid surface belting with scoop flights can be washed in a matter of minutes versus the hours it can take to clean the buckets on an elevator conveyor.

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