Sanitary, Ex-Rated Luminaire Serves Sight/Light Ports and Area Lighting Needs

Safe, powerful and versatile, the USL 08-EX lights from L.J. Star Inc. provide 35 to 100 watts of illumination in a variety of sanitary applications. Equipped with a Metaglas® prestressed window and a MetaClamp® connection, as shown here, they combine the characteristics of a rugged EX-rated luminaire with the proven sanitary-service benefits of Metaglas technology.

Known for offering the optics of glass and the strength of steel, Metaglas windows in a MetaClamp connection provide a level of safety and a useful service life well beyond that provided by conventional tempered glass or plastic in sanitary service. Even at the most extreme temperatures (as high as 536° F) or in overpressure situations, sudden, total failure essentially never occurs.

Also, the Metaglas fused glass/steel transition presents an uninterrupted surface with no crevice to trap bacteria. MetaClamp sanitary clamps for USL 08-EX lights are available in threaded circular assemblies larger than 4 inches.

The light's Ex rating is UL 844 for Class I, Div. 1 & 2. Groups C & D and they are also approved for wet conditions per UL 1571. Applicable temperature classes are T3B and T4A.

USL 08 lights are designed to provide illumination for interiors of tanks, vessels, mixers, pipelines and visual flow indicators. Available configurations include lights equipped with built-in reflectors for ratings of 35 or 50 watts, spot or flood utilizing an E26 screwed lamp, or at 100 watts utilizing a spot halogen lamp with bayonet base and a separate reflector.

Broadly, applications include the interiors of visual flow indicators, pipelines, laboratory mixers and other vessels and reactors. With a standard lens they are readily applied to bolt-on, circular flanges, circular weld-pads, visual flow indicators in both full-view and view-thru configurations.

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