Sanitary Conveyor suits pharmaceutical packagers.

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Modular, sanitary XA Conveyor is constructed from stainless steel and suits clean room operations. Designed to help pharmaceutical packagers meet strict FDA requirements, it features a raised chain design, allowing packagers to inspect and clean between top and bottom belts. ToughKlamp feature allows placement of accessories on conveyor body without drilling or welding, and 6 in. curve radius makes conveyor suitable for tight spaces.

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AutoPak Introduces Modular, Sanitary XA Conveyor

Compact System Designed for Maximum Productivity and Efficiency

San Juan, PR (June 4, 2004) - Pharmaceutical packagers can improve productivity and efficiency with the new modular, sanitary XA Conveyor from AutoPak Engineering Corporation. Constructed entirely from stainless steel, the patented system is ideal for clean room operations and can package a range of small- to medium-sized products. The system incorporates a unique ToughKlamp feature, which allows packagers to easily combine components and brackets together and customize the XA Conveyor to individual production needs.

The XA Conveyor is designed to help pharmaceutical packagers meet strict FDA requirements. It features a sanitary, raised chain design, allowing packagers to easily inspect and clean between top and bottom belts. In addition, there are no crevices or holes in the conveyor body where powders or tablets can accumulate, facilitating visual inspections after each lot run. All straight sections of the conveyor feature a liftable chain, further contributing to fast and easy cleanup.

Low radius curves make the XA Conveyor very compact and easy to fit in tight production spaces. While many competitive models have a minimum 18" curve radius, the XA Conveyor measures approximately 6", saving a significant amount of space.

The XA Conveyor also offers a high degree of flexibility, with standard, pre-engineered components that make it simple for packagers to assemble the conveyor or to add or modify the system to comply with changes in manufacturing needs. AutoPak's new ToughKlamp feature allows the placement of all accessories on the conveyor body without drilling or welding. ToughKlamp(TM) also permits infinite positioning of most attachments during production.

"We specifically designed the XA Conveyor to offer the flexibility and cleanliness features that pharmaceutical packagers demand," said Ignacio Muñoz-Guerra, General Director for AutoPak Engineering Corporation. "The system helps reduce downtime and improves efficiency while maintaining a high degree of integrity for the handling, orienting and conveying of pharmaceutical containers. The XA Conveyor is an ideal solution for an industry that has strict requirements for quality in both process and product."

To ensure the XA Conveyor performs safely, AutoPak incorporated completely covered chain tabs in the guide rails, an enclosed conveyor chain, mechanical overload clutch and horizontal bend guards into its design.

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AutoPak Engineering Corporation manufactures sanitary stainless steel conveyors and ancillary equipment and performs integration services for the pharmaceutical, cosmetic and food industries. Its entire range of automation solutions ensure flexibility, consistency and quality for the conveying of small- to medium-sized products. With over 15 years of engineering expertise, AutoPak's solutions are designed to meet specific customer requirements. AutoPak also troubleshoots and trains customers in the proper use and maintenance of its products.

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