Samtec to Feature New Technologies, Products, and Design Tools for Signal Integrity Applications at DesignCon 2014

Samtec is uniquely positioned to provide SI Fusion to its customers.  SI Fusion is Samtec's distinctive combination of interconnect products, capabilities, online tools and service attitude that is unmatched in the connector industry. SI Fusion features new technologies such as IC packaging, optoelectronics and advanced design tools which enable miniaturization, integration and high data rates throughout an entire system for a complete end-to-end solution.

Samtec Microelectronics addresses the "interconnect" from packaging to substrate to the PCB interface.  IC packaging capabilities include die attach, flip chip, wire bond and dam/encapsulation. High density IC-to-board interposers allow for a more streamlined interconnect path. The patent pending Z-Ray™ array can be used as an interposer or integrated into connector housings. Compared to standard arrays/interposers, Z-Ray™ provides greater density, better X-Y flexibility, more height flexibility and increased cycle life. Samtec's Array of Arrays including Z-Ray™, new differential arrays and SEARAY™ will be featured at DesignCon 2014.

Samtec's Optical Group offers optoelectrical design and advanced engineering support for high speed active optic solutions. Samples of Samtec's active optical cable assemblies including QSFP+, PCIe® and Samtec's unique patented FireFly™ system will be available at booth 217. With FireFly™ technology, data "flies over" the PCB simplifying board design, improving electrical performance and eliminating the signal integrity issues of having to route the signal over the PCB or transmitting through multiple vias and connectors. FireFly™ is a future proof system that gives the designer a choice of using either lower cost, high performance copper cable for shorter distances or optical cable for longer distances and higher data rates up to 28 Gbps, both with the same micro connector system and footprint.

End-to-End SI Solutions are the core foundational capabilities of Samtec's industry leading signal integrity support which includes Advanced Break Out Routings, Full Channel Analysis, complete Model/Library Files and a full suite of unique Design Tools. Samtec's S-Parameter modeling approach utilizes every point of the interconnect path (end-to-end) and is optimized to 40 Gbps. Global SI Engineering Resources provide high speed testing up to 50 GHz validating our modeling approach. Samtec's Optimized BOR provides a differential via routing for high speed array interconnects which allows for improved performance and easier routing due to bigger vias. A new patent pending tri-planar routing scheme is also available for high speed signaling with length scalable cable models.

Online SI Tools include Samtec's Solutionator®, which allows customers to easily design a high speed board-to-board interconnect or cable assembly solution in a minute and receive their specific product sample in a day. Real time high speed performance data is now available in Solutionator® via Samtec's online Simulator. Customers can quickly and easily view insertion loss, return loss, NEXT, and FEXT data as well as receive eye patterns unique to their specific solution. A demo of both Solutionator® and Simulator will be available at Samtec's booth during the show.

PCIe® is a registered trademark of PCI-SIG®.

Visit Samtec at Booth 217 or for more information on Samtec's signal integrity capabilities.


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