Sampler suits water pollution surveillance and control.

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Protected with powder coat finish, free-standing PPER-400 Automatic Sampler uses flooded-suction concept of operation to ensure that samples retain solubility. All circuits are relay interfaced, and ground fault indicator system relates safe/unsafe conditions. Standard sample lift is 40 ft, adjustable up to 80 ft with pressure supplied by optional split-phase, capacitor-start, diaphragm compressor with solid-state electronic unloader or clean air supply.

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Automatic Sampler for Water Pollution Surveillance and Control

The new model PPER-400 Automatic Samplers utilize the same quality design and construction that has made BVS a leader in the industry for over thirty-two years. All BVS Samplers use the flooded-suction concept of operation as suggested by the ASTM (ASTM, D3370-76, P.29.1). The application of basic suction changes the gas/liquid balance. This change in solubility makes it impossible to get accurate measurements of dissolved gases such as oxygen or carbon dioxide. The BVS method of sampling guarantees that the sample will retain its solubility and deliver an accurate level of solids when used for municipal surcharge billings.

The sampler is free-standing, designed to be used in a protected environment and protected with a durable powder coat finish. All circuits are relay interfaced and a ground fault indicator system advises the operator of safe/unsafe conditions.

Standard sample lift is 40 feet and is adjustable up to 80 feet with pressure supplied by an optional split-phase, capacitor-start, diaphragm compressor with a solid-state electronic unloader or from a clean air supply provided by the user.

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