Sampler speeds analysis of precious metals and exotic alloys.

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Spark Ablation Sampling System (SASSy) incorporates flexible, digitally controlled spark source, which creates unipolar electrical discharge between sample and electrode in instrument's spark stand. Unipolar discharge vaporizes minimal portions of sample, eliminating possibility of cross contamination from electrode. When used with CIROS ICP-AES spectrometer, analysis is performed with 3 replicate measurements in less than 2 minutes.

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High Performance Sampler Improves Analysis of Precious Metals and Specialty Alloys

Regardless of a sample's physical geometry or elemental composition, this unique system improves the speed and cost-effectiveness of solid metal analyses. It is ideal for use with high-value products, exotic alloys, and forensic applications.

Fitchburg, MA - Oct. 7, 2002 - SPECTRO Analytical Instruments, a leading global supplier of analytical instruments for the metals industries, has introduced an advanced, high performance sampling system for use with its CIROSCCD ICP-AES Spectrometers. The new Spark Ablation Sampling System (SASSy) is both cost-effective and reliable. When used with SPECTRO's state-of-the-art CIROS ICP-AES spectrometer, it competes with laser-ablation systems which are much more costly and complex.

Heart of the SASSy system is a flexible, digitally-controlled spark source which creates a unipolar electrical discharge between the sample and an electrode in the instrument's spark stand. Because the discharge is unipolar, only a tiny portion of the sample is vaporized by the spark. This eliminates the possibility of cross contamination from the electrode. The vaporized sample is then introduced into the ICP-AES plasma and an accurate analysis is performed quickly and cost-effectively. A complete analysis of a metal sample with three replicate measurements takes less than two minutes, and virtually the entire spectrum is recorded with each analysis.

Applications for ICP spectrometers employing this new high performance spark ablation technology can be found throughout industrial and research settings, particularly where high value metals and electrically conductive materials require extremely accurate analysis. The system is ideal for applications such as high purity metals manufacturing, screening of mission-critical components such as turbine blades, analyzing precious metals and exotic alloys, jewelry manufacturing, and specialty applications such as aerospace, semiconductor, and even forensics where only miniscule amounts of material may be available for analysis.

Headquartered in Kieve, Germany, SPECTR0 Analytical Instruments is recognized worldwide as a technological leader in Arc/Spark, Glow Discharge, X-ray Fluorescence, and Inductively Coupled Plasma (ICP and ICP-MS) Spectrometry. Additional information can be obtained by writing to SPECTRO Analytical Instruments, 160 Authority Drive, Fitchburg, MA 01420: by calling (978) 342-3400, or 800-548-5809: or by visiting the SPECTRO web site at

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