Sample Cell is designed for LA-ICP-MS applications.

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Used to provides aerosol washout and transient signal analysis, SuperCell(TM) features 18.5 cm² work area that accommodates multiple samples and standards simultaneously. When analyzing single-pulse, transient signals, design reduces aerosol dispersion, compressing and amplifying analytical information. For steady-state acquisitions, when sample is continuously ablated, unit displays typical signal rise times and rinse times of less than few seconds each.

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New Wave Research Introduces Sample Cell For Laser Ablation Mass Spectrometry

Next-generation sample cell provides rapid washout, large-volume capacity and superior transient signal analysis

Fremont, Calif., April 28, 2005 - New Wave Research, a leading manufacturer of laser ablation systems for mass spectrometry applications, introduces SuperCell(TM), a next-generation sample cell designed for LA-ICP-MS applications on the company's Universal Platform systems. SuperCell provides rapid aerosol washout, large-volume capacity and superior transient signal analysis. It is ideal for solid sampling of geological and biological thin sections, electrophoresis gels for metallomic studies and for the direct analysis of solid residue dried down from aqueous samples.

"The SuperCell evacuates laser aerosol dramatically faster than conventional high-efficiency sample cells via optimized sample-cell geometry and gas-flow dynamics," said Lawrence Neufeld, applications manager with New Wave Research. "This is accomplished without reducing the lateral dimensions of the cell. SuperCell's 18.5-cm2 working area readily accommodates multiple samples and standards simultaneously - including samples with large lateral dimensions such as geological and biological thin sections."

When analyzing single-pulse, transient signals, the SuperCell design reduces aerosol dispersion, compressing and amplifying valuable analytical information and enhancing limits of detection. For longer, steady-state acquisitions when the sample is continuously ablated, the SuperCell displays rapid signal rise times and rinse times, often less than a few seconds each.

Samples requiring high spatial discrimination also benefit from a reduction in aerosol dispersion. The faster the laser-induced aerosol can exit the sample chamber, the less likely it will mix with subsequent material being ablated. This will be particularly useful for samples with different chemical characteristics at the sub-millimeter level - for instance the analysis of metalloproteins separated on 2D electrophesis gel or the ablation of biological tissue in situ.

SuperCell has also been tested extensively by Edward Young, professor of isotope geochemistry, Department of Earth and Space Sciences, UCLA. "SuperCell enables us to perform isotope ratios on thin sections with a high degree of reliability, and with much greater speed than in the past," said Young. "We have enough room in the cell for several samples and one standard, and feel very confident the results will be highly accurate. We can now work with several unknowns in a single day; in the past, we'd have to shut down and load the next sample the next day."

SuperCell is compatible with the entire Universal Platform Series from New Wave Research and is designed for fast, easy integration into existing LA-ICP-MS systems. Switching from a standard cell to a SuperCell can be accomplished in less than five minutes, without changing the state (shutting off) the spectrometer's ICP.

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Established in 1990, New Wave Research is a global leader in the development of high-quality laser-based systems and modules for the microelectronics and analytical instrumentation industries. The company manufactures lasers for wafer scribing, flat-panel display repair, semiconductor failure analysis, micro-machining, particle image velocimetry, laser ablation/solid sampling for ICP/ICP MS and general purpose lasers for OEM and scientific applications.


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