Saint-Gobain Single-Use Solutions Optimize Bioprocessing Operations

Tailored systems provide secure and reliable connection integrity, enhancing safety and productivity

Beaverton, MI — The economic and operational benefits of single-use technologies have led to increasingly widespread adoption in the biopharmaceutical sector. Saint-Gobain Performance Plastics' (SGPPL) Life Science Business Unit is offering an expanded line of connection technologies to help optimize the performance of single-use and hybrid systems through sterile and reliable fluid path management. SGPPL's single-use solutions deliver connection integrity in critical bioprocessing operations such as cell culture, purification and final fill-finish.

According to market research from BioPlan Associates, approximately 71 percent of biomanufacturers incorporate major single-use components into their upstream or downstream clinical production. Beyond cost and speed, biopharmaceutical manufacturers are looking to these technologies to improve production quality as the market focuses more on personalized medicine, smaller batch production and multi-product offerings. Bioprocess operations such as final fill-finish rely on safe and sterile management of fluids. Leak points and contamination in these operations can lead to product loss, risk operator safety and costly operational downtime. SGGPL's leak-free disposable connections can minimize the risk of product contamination while reducing costs, increasing production efficiency and delivering safe, high quality biologics.

"Biopharmaceutical manufacturers understand that single-use technologies can do more than eliminate cleaning operations and improve process flexibility," said Anthony Pagliaro Jr., Worldwide Marketing Director, Saint-Gobain Performance Plastics. "The right disposable components can integrate cost reduction and regulatory compliance with system optimization."

SGPPL's portfolio of single-use components such as the BarbLock® line of ultra-secure retainers deliver connection integrity for both downstream and upstream processing applications. Designed to replace inconsistent and leak-prone cable ties and traditional clamps, BarbLock retainers offer a full 360° radial crimp and seal for connective applications and are ideal for systems transferring semi-finished liquids.

SGGPL's Bio-Simplex™ fluid transfer and manifold systems incorporate "one-piece" construction to provide superior reliability and product integrity while eliminating manual assembly of multiple connecting devices (e.g., tie wraps and hose barbs). The company's single-use solutions can also be customized to meet specific customer functions for increased performance and connection integrity. 

Additionally, SGPPL offers Sani-Tech® and C-Flex® tubing and manifolds for a wide range of applications in pharmaceutical and biotech development and processing. Products like BarbLock retainers, Sani-Tech and C-Flex molded manifolds can be combined within an end-user's systems to offer advanced product protection downstream.

"With an expansive product offering and a complete systems approach, Saint-Gobain is uniquely positioned to provide durable and reliable connection integrity," Pagliaro continued. "This in turn allows bioprocessors to safely manage high flow rates, manufacturing high-quality products faster."

SGGPL single-use components and devices can be pre-sterilized. All of SGGPL's products are characterized in accordance with industry standards and manufactured under current Good Manufacturing Practice (cGMP) regulations ISO certified methods.

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