Saint-Gobain's Boron Nitride Enables Solutions in Thermally Conductive Polymers

Amherst, NY - Saint-Gobain Ceramic Materials, Boron Nitride Products, a pioneer in advanced material solutions, announced that its CarboTherm boron nitride thermal management powders are enabling plastic compounders to enter new markets for thermally conductive, injection molded plastics.

Filled with heat dissipating CarboTherm(TM) Boron Nitride fillers from Saint-Gobain, thermoplastics are now extending their reach beyond traditional applications to thermal management applications. Electronic devices are getting smaller every generation, while packing more energy than before. This makes design of traditional metal or ceramic heat removal components difficult, as they become complicated and costly to die-cast in small intricate shapes. Furthermore, plastic's light weight, ease of processing, high strength-to-weight ratio and resistance to corrosion offers additional advantage over metal or ceramic parts.

CarboTherm Boron Nitride fillers are thermally conductive and electrically insulating. "Boron Nitride, unlike other ceramic fillers, has hexagonal crystal structure similar to graphite, and demonstrates lubricious and non-abrading behavior. This greatly reduces wear on injection-molding and extruding equipment" said Neelam Kumar, Product Manager for CarboTherm. "Also, unlike graphite, Boron Nitride is white and can be used without altering the aesthetics of the final product" adds Neelam.
Saint-Gobain's boron nitride fillers eliminate hot-spots in thermoplastic components by spreading out heat more evenly than unfilled plastics. Moreover, its low coefficient of thermal expansion helps replace metal or ceramic parts in dimensionally critical applications, while enhancing the electrical isolation of the plastic. Boron Nitride is compatible with a variety of resin systems, giving plastic compounders ease and flexibility to fit CarboTherm into their existing resin matrix.

Heat-management components for devices in growth markets such as LED lighting, medical equipment, automotive and aerospace are all experiencing transition to this new generation of thermally conductive plastics. CarboTherm Boron Nitride fillers from Saint-Gobain, available in a variety of standard and custom grades now allow custom plastic compounders to benefit from this trend.

About Saint-Gobain Ceramic Materials, Boron Nitride Products:

Saint-Gobain Ceramic Materials, Boron Nitride Products, is a global leader in providing advanced material solutions using the unique properties of hexagonal Boron Nitride. In the esoteric world of advanced ceramic materials, hexagonal Boron Nitride stands out due to its distinct combination of chemical, mechanical, electrical and thermal properties and functional benefits. Saint-Gobain's Boron Nitride products are built on more than 50 years of expertise in harnessing these properties and transforming hexagonal Boron Nitride into sophisticated solutions to advanced application specific challenges. Saint-Gobain's Boron Nitride products include CarboTherm(TM) thermal management fillers; Combat® solid components, coatings and industrial powders; IDEALUBE® industrial lubricants; PDS® Products N-Type and P-Type planar diffusion sources; and TRÈS BN cosmetic powders.

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