Safety Speed Monitoring Relay comes with monochrome display.

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Suitable for all common motor feedback systems and proximity switches, PNOZ s30 monitors safe standstill, speed, and direction of rotation. It is operated via rotary knob and comes with chip card for storing application parameters, allowing for exchange of units without need for separate software. Monitor sends advance warning to motor control system if set warning threshold is reached, helping to avoid shutdowns. Parameter data is password-protected.

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In Control - Safety Relay PNOZsigma Can Now Monitor Standstill, Speed and Direction of Rotation

Ostfildern - Pilz is expanding its range of PNOZsigma safety relays: the new PNOZ s30 monitors safe standstill, speed and direction of rotation. Safe working practices with the safety gate open, reduced setup times and rapid access to the machine once standstill is initiated - these are the key benefits for users. Application of the new speed monitor also allows you to meet the Machinery Directive's requirement for safe speed monitoring.

The PNOZ s30 is suitable for all common motor feedback systems and proximity switches.

PNOZ s30 is also easy to operate via rotary knob. In conjunction with the monochrome display, time is saved during commissioning and when units are exchanged, as there's no need for separate software. The display shows the set limit values and parameters as well as the current speed.

If a set warning threshold is reached, the speed monitor sends advance warning to the motor control system. This way it's possible to avoid unnecessary shutdown processes or hard shutdowns, which in turn increases productivity.

Chip card makes it easier to exchange units

Parameters for standstill, speed and direction of rotation can be set freely on the PNOZ s30. Axis position monitoring can also be selected for standstill detection. The absolute position of the axis is safely monitored, thus protecting against unwanted axis movements in setup mode, for example. The parameters for an application are stored on the corresponding chip card and can easily be transferred from one unit to another. That saves time and costs, as units can be exchanged without the need for a software tool. What's more, the parameter data is password-protected and so is safe from manipulation or unintended changes.

The appropriate solution for each speed monitoring function

With the speed monitor PNOZ s30 Pilz has extended its speed monitoring portfolio. Whereas the PNOZ s30 is used as a standalone module, the speed module from the configurable control system PNOZmulti can always be used when additional safety functions need to be monitored within an application. If you need short reaction times or advanced safety functions, such as safe brake functions on vertical axes, Pilz offers a drive-integrated safety solution with the safe servo amplifier PMCprotego DS. And for speed monitoring on networked machinery, there's the new automation system PSS4000 to consider.

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