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Safety Shelter offers simplified access during emergencies.

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Aug 14, 2009 - Inground Safety Shelter (I.S.S.), installing in new or existing homes, features double wall structural design, manufactured from polyethylene. Aluminum door exceeds FEMA 320 standard, while 3-step ladder with hand rails and gas-assisted shock on door ease entrance. Offering shelter during high winds or tornadoes, it seats 3-5 adults in molded circular seating.

The Granger Plastics Co. - Middletown, OH

Original Press Release

Inground Safety Shelter Offers Easier Access to Protection

Press release date: Aug 12, 2009

Middletown, OH - August 12, 2009 In a time when no one really knows what to expect and everyone is warned to stay prepared, a product is being introduced that will revolutionize the Safety Plan. Safety as a part of daily life is a long tradition, but we are continually introduced to new dangers every day. The I.S.S. (Inground Safety Shelter) is a new front in the fight to keep people safe. It is an affordable, incredibly durable, safety option easily installed in new or existing homes.

The shelter consists of a double wall structural design, manufactured from polyethylene which is unmatched in durability. The aluminum door exceeds the FEMA 320 standard, having to undergo rigorous testing in order to gain that title. Geared toward easy access there is a 3-step ladder, with hand rails, and a gas assisted shock on the door eases entrance. It comfortably seats 3-5 adults in the molded circular seating. The I.S.S. is easily installed making it an option almost anywhere.

The I.S.S. offers superior protection over most residential structures during storms, high winds, and Tornados. It also acts as a safe room in many other emergency situations. In many unthinkable circumstances I.S.S. is your best safety bet. For the first time in history, public safety can easily be taken into peoples own hands. We are encouraged to have provisions at home and a Family Safety Plan. The I.S.S. is a safety option no one should be without.

The I.S.S. is yet another fine product of The Granger Plastics Company, a recognized leader in the Rotational Molding Industry. They are committed to the pursuit of a better world through plastics innovations. They offer superior design and quality which leads to a product with longer life. At Granger there is a world of possibilities.

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