Safety Mats feature quick-disconnect cable connector.

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With IP67 quick-disconnect cable connector that allows cable to be attached at end of installation process, UMQ Series Safety Mats eliminate need to replace entire safety mat due to damaged cables. Mats are available in standard sizes with standard cable location and with cables 5 and 10 m long. They are engineered to comply with ANSI/RIA R15.06-1999, ISO 13856-1:2001, ANSI B11.19-2003, CSA Z432-04 and EN1760-1:1998 standards. Various customizations are also offered.

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New Safety Mat System from Omron STI Eliminates the Need to Replace an Entire Safety Mat due to Damaged Cables

Patented quick disconnect feature allows cable to be attached at end of installation process, virtually eliminating the potential for damaged cables

FREMONT, CA - Omron Scientific Technologies, Inc. introduces UMQ Series Safety Mats. These safety mats feature a patented IP67 quick-disconnect cable connector that promises significant cost savings to the user by reducing inventory requirements, while simplifying installation and replacement of damaged cables.

The quick-disconnect feature allows for last minute cable length changes in the field, and since the cable is not attached until the end of the installation process, the potential for cable damage during installation is significantly reduced. And even if a cable is damaged during installation or mat operation, it can simply be replaced in the field without having to replace an entire mat. The quick-disconnect is designed for backward compatibility with the mat cable location of current Omron STI safety mats.

Black UMQ series safety mats are available in standard sizes with a standardized cable location. Mat cables are currently available in 5 meter and 10 meter lengths. Mats are also available in metric sizes, yellow color for greater visibility, special angular and cut outs for uniquely shaped areas, and customized cable locations. All Omron STI safety mats are engineered to satisfy ANSI/RIA R15.06-1999, ISO 13856-1:2001, ANSI B11.19-2003, CSA Z432-04 and EN1760-1:1998 standards.

A safety mat system offers freedom, flexibility, and reduced operator fatigue when compared with traditional guarding methods such as interlocked fences, pullback restraints or perimeter barriers. Full visibility of and access to the work area is maintained.

The safety mat is a simple, normally open switch. When a specified minimum weight is applied to the safety mat the "switch" closes. This sends a signal to the safety mat controller, which in turn, sends a stop signal to the guarded machine. Each safety mat presents four wires to the safety mat controller. This provides the redundancy required to monitor the wires for open circuits due to incorrect wiring or physical damage to the safety mat wires.

Additionally, safety mats can also simplify routine tasks such as machine set-up, maintenance and repair. Typical applications for safety mats include welding robots, assembly machinery, material handling, packaging machinery, punches, presses and robotic work cells.

About Omron STI
Omron Scientific Technologies, Inc. is a North American leading provider of safeguarding, scanning and sensing products and services. Omron STI provides safety products that are used to protect workers around machinery, automated equipment and industrial robots. Additional Omron STI products include scanner and sensor products that are used to improve productivity and product quality in various automated measuring and profiling, parts-related, and vehicle scanning applications.

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