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Safety Light Curtain suits space-constrained applications.

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Safety Light Curtain suits space-constrained applications.

Sep 17, 2013 - Available in front and side view models, GL-S deliver Type 4 level protection and features 3 color operational status indicators that can be seen from any angle. Built-in muting function, external device monitoring, and interlock function eliminate need for external devices, while Edge-to-Edge Protection eliminates need for additional guarding. Built-in mounting brackets reduce installation time, and selectable wiring options facilitate integration.

Keyence Corp. of America - Itasca, IL

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GL-S Series - Safety Light Curtain

Press release date: Sep 16, 2013

Itasca, IL
Product Overview
Keyence is excited to introduce our new GL-S safety light curtain! This exciting addition to the GL series offers a versatile solution for applications where space constraints are a major factor. The GL-S also provides increased ease of use and simplified installation compared to conventional safety light curtains. The GL lineup is stronger than ever with the ability to provide safety solutions for virtually any application.

Versatility: Available in both front and side view models, these two designs allow the GL-S to be seamlessly installed into equipment with tight dimension restrictions. The GL-S offers a 50% reduction in overall size when compared to conventional light curtains! This reduced footprint enables the GL-S to occupy the least amount of space necessary while still delivering the highest level protection (Type 4).  

Ease of use: Highly visible, three color status indicators allow the curtain’s operational status to be easily seen from any angle. These indicators can be externally controlled to illuminate green, red, or orange in order to indicate work steps, thereby reducing the need for additional equipment. The GL-S also offers a built-in muting function, external device monitoring, and interlock function, thus eliminating the need for external devices.

Ease of installation: Keyence’s Edge-to-Edge Protection eliminates the need for additional guarding, even on L-shape and U-shape installations. Built-in mounting brackets significantly reduce installation time, while selectable wiring options make integration of the GL-S simple and straightforward. The exclusive Keyence One-line System offers up to a 77% reduction in wiring, making it the optimal choice where wiring and space restrictions are an issue.

Ease of use and versatile functionality make the KEYENCE GL Series the best solution for any safety light curtain application.

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