Safety Laser Scanner is offered with 7 meter range.

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With 190° scanning range and 5.5 or 7.0 m Safety Zone radius options, S 3000 safeguards work areas, protecting personnel and equipment from damage and injury. Optoelectronic solution is suited for use in stationary and mobile applications for 2D or 3D horizontal and vertical safeguarding of point-of-operation, entry/exit, and area locations. Product offers 4 levels of integrated functionality for up to 16 user-definable protection scenarios.

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The New Long Range S 3000 - 7 Meter Range Now Available

Recently, SICK launched the S 3000 safety laser scanner. As part of the launch, the new 7 meter long range version of the S 3000 is now available.

The revolutionary S 3000 is an all-in-one solution designed to safeguard large work areas, protecting personnel and equipment from damage and injury in a broad array of applications. This opto-electronic solution offers maximum flexibility, usable in both stationary and mobile applications for horizontal and vertical safeguarding of point-of-operation, entry/exit and area locations. Applications of the S 3000 Series include 2D or 3D horizontal or vertical safeguarding of Automatic Guided Vehicles (AGVs), assembly and production lines, overhead cranes, tube-bending machines, robot loading and unloading stations, palletizers, shuttles and fork lift trucks. And now with the release of the S 3000 long range version, customers can safeguard an area up to 3 times larger than they could using the PLS and 60% more area than the S 3000 medium range version. This enables SICK to safeguard those applications that require long ranges either because of stopping distance required or due to the desire to cover large areas as cost-efficiently as possible without sacrificing safety needs. Some identified applications in material handling, warehousing and automotive industries are those that safeguard persons from the hazards associated with stacker cranes, Automated Storage and Retrieval Systems (ASRS), bolster presses.

The S 3000 features a 190 degree scanning range with either 5.5 meter (18 ft) or 7.0 meter (23 ft) Safety Zone radius options and four different levels of integrated functionality, for up to 16 user-definable protection scenarios. This integrated functionality enables simultaneous, stationary or dynamic protection within a work cell wherein the operator moves from one area to another (e.g. loading or unloading parts from a machine). The wider scanning range and multiple user-definable zones mean that only one scanner is necessary in applications that previously required multiple, stop-only safety mats, perimeter guards or light curtains to safeguard the same area, translating to significant cost savings.

Both the Safety and Warning Zones can be freely defined via SICK's user-friendly Configuration and Diagnostic Software (CDS) tool. The size and shape of these zones can also be defined to meet specific application requirements. When personnel or objects are detected within the Warning Zone of the S 3000, the machine is signaled to slow down as an advance warning of and to reduce the risk prior to entering the hazardous area. When an object or person is detected within the safety zone that constitutes the hazardous area, the S 3000 initiates the shutdown of the machine, or the shutdown of the dangerous state, to prevent injury or equipment damage.

For more information on the new S 3000 use the following link: or contact SICK at 1-800-325-7425.

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