Safety Label Kits keep vacuum lifters code compliant.

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Available for mechanical, electric, and air vacuum lifters up to 2,000 lb as well as vacuum pad attachments, General Safety Label Kits provide safety warnings that are not specific to any particular model of lifter. This facilitates compliance with OSHA inspections as well as other safety standards for vacuum lifters manufactured prior to 1999 in need of replacement labels or vacuum lifters with unknown serial numbers.

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New Safety Label Kits are Paramount for ANVER Vacuum Lifters in Need of Label Replacement

Important Safety Warning Labels Replace Worn or Missing Vacuum Lifter Labels

HUDSON, MA -- New general safety label kits for small mechanical, electric, and air vacuum lifters up to 2,000 lbs. and vacuum pad attachments are now available from ANVER Corporation, a leader in vacuum handling technology. These new label kits provide important safety warnings that are not lifter-specific, making them ideal for vacuum lifters manufactured prior to 1999 that are in need of replacement labels.

ANVER, in accordance with the American Society of Mechanical Engineers (ASME) B30.20-2013 Safety Standards, recommends replacing labels that do not clearly display instructions, cautionary information, safety markings, or pictograms. Often, labels wear out and become unreadable; however, they are required for OSHA inspections and other safety standards. These new safety label kits are sufficient replacement labels for ANVER vacuum lifters, and they are quick and easy to purchase in order to minimize production downtime. Now customers who own vacuum lifters with unknown serial numbers will be outfitted with general safety warning labels.

General Safety Label Kits for larger vacuum lifters, over 2,000 lbs., are expected to be released shortly. Customers are encouraged to contact ANVER to learn more about best label safety practices and additional safety components for vacuum handling devices.

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ANVER, founded in 1968, is a North American leader in vacuum handling technology. ANVER is a full-service manufacturer offering a complete range of vacuum handling products from miniature vacuum suction cups and vacuum pumps to complete Mill-Duty Vacuum Lifting Systems.

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