Safety Gate Switch is magnetically operated.

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PSENslock series combines secure safety gate monitoring and non-contact magnetic interlock. Electro-magnetic holding force of 500 N prevents unintentional opening of swing/sliding gates, and transponder technology is manipulation-proof because switch and actuator are different items. Tolerant to gate misalignment, IP67-rated series is designed for applications up to SIL3 and offers flexible mounting options and double-sided LED diagnostics.

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Pilz Introduces A Newer, Safer Safety Gate System

The world leader in safe automation has just increased their lead.
The innovative PSENslock series, from the German manufacturer of safe automation components and systems, takes safety to a new level. It operates magnetically, not mechanically, as do the more traditional systems.

"The PSENslock non-contact magnetic interlocking gate switch is an outstanding alternative to traditional mechanical gate switches," said Sales Engineer Ben Harper. "It's safer because it combines
secure safety gate monitoring and a non-contact magnetic interlock
within the same unit. And because it's mechanically non-wearing, PSENslock has a longer service life."

PSENslock has an electro-magnetic holding force of 500 N to prevent the unintentional opening of swing gates and sliding gates. Its proven transponder technology is manipulation proof because the switch and actuator are totally different items. This provides an additional measure of safety.

Existing mechanical technology, on the other hand, requires the use of a keyed actuator. Consequently, it's possible that this "key" could be damaged, suggesting the door is closed, creating a potentially unsafe condition.

Ideal for use in rugged industrial environments, PSENslock is easy to install. With its combination of safe position monitoring and process guard locking, it's suitable for mounting onto standard 45mm profiles around the machine.

PSENslock can be used on flap gates and safety gates and is extremely tolerant to gate misalignment. With bright, double-sided LED diagnostics on both sides; it can be mounted left- or right- handed. An M12 plug connection allows for simple assembly.

"It's really quite an achievement," Harper added. "In addition to the longer life cycle, ease of installation, higher tolerance to alignment, and strong holding force, the PSENslock has the option to include a fully coded switch which is more difficult to defeat and can be wired in series while maintaining the high safety categories that many applications demand."

PSENslock is designed for applications up to SIL3 in accordance with EN/IEC 62061, Category 4 in accordance with EN 954-1 and protection type IP67. In terms of a complete solution, PSENslock can be connected to all Pilz evaluation devices.

Pilz manufactures a line of safety equipment used in plants. These sensors, relays and other components can be applied as individual pieces or group components to machines throughout many industries where man and manufacturing equipment are utilized together, including automotive, robotics, packaging, amusement, and wind power. The company also provides a wide array of safety consulting services.

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