Safe Seal Materials protect drinking water systems.

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Sealing materials meet NSF Standard 61 protecting potable water from contaminants that leach or migrate into water from traditional components. Organic materials include 10 EPDM compounds, 7 thermoplastic elastomers, and 2 nitrile compounds that can be formed into faucet and shower gaskets, water filter gaskets, valve seals and seats, pipe coupling seals, and diaphragms and O-rings used in pumps, heaters, and other appliances.

Original Press Release:

Parker Provides Safe Sealing for Drinking Water Systems

Irvine, CA - Parker Hannifin's Seal Group now provides a choice of sealing materials specifically formulated to meet the NSF Standard 61 protecting potable (drinking) water. This standard ensures that any contaminants that leach or migrate into potable water from rubber, plastic, metal or other water system component materials are within acceptably safe levels.

Many water system seals can be affected by water treatment disinfecting processes such as chlorination and ozonation. Over time, chloramines and ozone water additives can cause swelling, flaking and eventual physical breakdown of seal materials. While the seal function may remain stable, the water can become contaminated with seal debris. Parker provides ten EPDM compounds, seven thermoplastic elastomers, and two nitrile compounds to meet the NSF 61 requirements. Seals and gaskets formulated from these organic materials will provide long term resistance to swelling and breakdown in the presence of water treatment chemicals.

NSF (National Sanitation Foundation) 61 covers end-point devices and all components contained within the final one liter of the distribution system - including faucets, coolers, heaters, filtering devices and residential ice makers. Parker's family of NSF 61 seal materials can be formed into faucet and shower gaskets, water filter gaskets, valve seals and seats, pipe coupling seals, and diaphragms and o-rings used in pumps, heaters and other appliances. Seals are typically supplied in the form of molded o-rings, flat washers, custom molded shapes and extruded strips.

Parker has also obtained potable water certifications from the Water Research Council (WRC) in Great Britain and the Kautschuk Trink Wasser (KTW) in Germany.

To receive a free copy of Parker's "Water System Sealing Solutions" catalog, (PSG 5025A), call 1-800-C-PARKER. Or, download it from Parker's online literature gallery at

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