Safe & Money-Saving Dosing Solution Replaces Weighing Paper

METTLER TOLEDO, a leading global manufacturer of precision instruments, has developed ErgoClips - a range of innovative accessories for its Excellence line of balances - which are used to secure various reaction vessels. They allow you to weigh samples in tare containers themselves, making the traditional process of using weighing paper superfluous. ErgoClips minimize sample waste and increase productivity. They can be used with XP and XS analytical balances and XP56 and XP26 microbalances.

ErgoClips enable you to dose samples directly in tare containers - without the need to use weighing paper or weighing boats. The patented dosing solution from METTLER TOLEDO minimizes sample waste and increases productivity as you can carry out weighing processes with more speed and ease.

Safety for toxic samples
ErgoClips allow you to safely position a vast range of tare containers: HPLC sample bottles, test tubes, Eppendorf tubes and PCR tubes, Erlenmeyer flasks and volumetric flasks between 1 and 100 ml. They guarantee safe handling of samples and are therefore particularly suited to toxic or valuable sample materials.

Minimizing air turbulence
METTLER TOLEDO also presents the MinWeigh Door accessory, which features a small adjustable opening. The MinWeigh Door is the ideal supplement to ErgoClips, because it allows you to dose in the end container itself without having to move the draft shield. This minimizes air turbulence in the weighing chamber, which results in considerably faster and more stable weighing values.

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