Saelig Introduces ThinkRF R5500 Real-Time Spectrum Analyzer that Trigger on Events, Capture and Record Them for Playback

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  • Designed to monitor and analyze wireless signals in real-time
  • Comes in three models to cover 8, 18 or 27 GHz signals
  • FPGA-based digital signal processing enables the capture of elusive time-varying signals across an instantaneous bandwidth of up to 100 MHz

Original Press Release:

Saelig Introduces R5500 Real-time 8/18/27GHz Spectrum Analyzers

R5500 real-time spectrum analyzers have the performance of traditional lab-grade spectrum analyzers at much lower cost, size, weight and power consumption and canmonitor wireless signals in real-time for seeing intermittent and frequency-hopped signals.

Fairport, NY:  Saelig Company, Inc. announces the availability of the compact ThinkRF R5500 Real-Time Spectrum Analyzer series - powerful, full-featured spectrum analyzers that have been designed to monitor and analyze wireless signals in real-time and not progressively scanned like most common spectrum analyzers. Real-time analysis is vital for being able to observe intermittent or frequency-hopped signals. The R5500 series comes in three models to cover 8, 18, or 27GHz signals. They offer all the standard features of a sophisticated, expensive bench-top spectrum analyzer, but at far lower cost since they employ the display and processing power of an attached PC. Frequency controls, marker functions for tracking specific frequencies and multi-trace functionality are all included, as well as a real-time triggering for measuring complex data signals such as Wi-Fi and LTE. Sophisticated FPGA-based digital signal processing within the R5500 enables the capture of elusive time-varying signals across an instantaneous bandwidth of up to 100MHz.

Monitoring dynamic and agile signals usually requires a large budget instrument, but the R5500's advanced real-time spectrum analysis capability is no more expensive than an ordinary spectrum analyzer. The real-time analysis of the R5500 design is based on patented, low-cost digital software-defined radio technology, open source software, standard APIs, and a PC-controlled architecture to provide unparalleled performance in an economical, portable instrument. The PC's widescreen capability enables enhanced viewing not available on benchtop instruments.

The industry-leading APIs, LabView drivers and open-source code allow easy customization, remote control, and employment in standalone test fixtures. ThinkRF S240 Real-Time Spectrum Analysis Application Software supplied with the analyzer has all the standard features you expect from a traditional lab spectrum analyzer, as well as powerful features such as real-time triggering.

The R5500 analyzers process RF signals at speeds fast enough to detect any signals in a given captured bandwidth. Signals can be viewed in the frequency or time domains as well as power spectral density to enable analysis of challenging signals. R5500 analyzers can trigger on events, capture them, and record them for playback and later deeper analysis. Measurements can also be made remotely via the Internet for situations when monitoring personnel are not available.

Real-time spectrum analyzers are ideal for sensing signals that vary dynamically in amplitude or are agile in frequency, such as pulsed radar systems, frequency-hopping spread spectrum radios, and pulse modulated radios, multi-signal environments, or even unwanted signals such as unintentional self-interference, intentional interference (jammers), and listening devices (bugs).

The Model R5500 is a powerful, cost-effective solution for spectrum analyzer needs in the lab, on the manufacturing floor or in the field. Made by ThinkRF, a leading Canadian manufacturer of precision electronic instrumentation for test, measurement, and research, R5500 Real-time Spectrum Analyzers are available now from Saelig Company, Inc. their USA technical distributor. For detailed specifications, free technical assistance, or additional information, please contact Saelig 888-7SAELIG, via email:, or visit

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