SaaS enables real-time collaboration for project management.

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ProtoShare v2.0 facilitates real-time collaboration across multiple web development and creative/interactive projects. All key stakeholders can fully collaborate as a team, and cross project collaboration allows other stakeholders such as marketing, design, or management to provide timely and effective feedback. With multiple project archiving, all work and comments can be stored indefinitely and Flash-based creative can be used directly in wireframe pages.

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Site9 Introduces ProtoShare 2.0: The First Tool That Enables Real-Time Collaboration on Enterprise Web Development

NEW YORK, Sept. 16 -- Site9, a Portland, Oregon based developer of collaborative web development software, announced at the Web 2.0 Expo the release of ProtoShare 2.0. ProtoShare 2.0 brings a new set of features that facilitate real-time collaboration across multiple web development and creative projects.

ProtoShare 2.0 has several new key features that enable agencies and companies to expand collaboration across multiple interactive projects, giving users the environment to simultaneously collaborate across a variety of work from web development to creative concepts. The new features include:

1. Multiple Project Management: The team can now collaborate in real-time across multiple projects within one environment. This now enables all key stakeholders to fully collaborate as a team. Cross project collaboration allows other stakeholders -- like marketing, design or management -- to provide timely and effective feedback, helping to reduce rework later on.

2. Multiple Project Archiving: All work and comments can now be stored indefinitely. ProtoShare now serves as the perennial resource for comments, specifications and workflow across multiple creative and marketing projects.

3. Enhanced Flash Functionality: Flash-based creative can now be used directly in the wireframe pages, providing a more realistic experience of the final site, and generating more pertinent feedback. Flash can also be uploaded as a comp file for real-time collaboration on final creative elements.

4. Improved Performance Delivery: The SaaS based delivery is now more responsive with faster functionality.

"By improving communication and collaboration within the project team, and between them and their clients, ProtoShare has the potential to revolutionize the process of web design," as reported on the WIKINOMICS blog, led by renowned collaboration guru and best-selling author Don Tapscott.

"ProtoShare 2.0 makes it possible for anyone to collaborate on multiple projects simultaneously," said Andrew Mottaz, co-founder and CEO. "We believe that better collaboration and communication creates better websites through a better process."

ProtoShare is the only web development tool that enables real-time collaboration across multiple interactive projects improving communication, efficiency and the total website experience. Other benefits include:

Simultaneous, real-time collaboration for more timely and insightful input earlier in the process

o The ability to review and store all comments made on a project in one place

o Higher team satisfaction from a more engaging and collaborative process that guides project expectations into line with the final deliverable

o Better ROI from a more efficient process that results in a better website in less time

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About Site9, Inc.
Site9 is a developer of collaborative web development software from prototyping to deployment. Founded as an interactive agency in 1999 by web designers and programmers, Site9 transitioned into a software company to address common problems and pain points in the web development process. Current customers and advisors include LexisNexis, Meredith Corporation, and Avenue A | Razorfish.

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SVP Sales and Marketing of Site9,

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