S80 pH Analyzer System features 10 different pH electrode cartridges.

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Designed with Valve Retractable configuration, S80 pH Analyzer Sensors facilitates retraction and insertion into flowing pipe using compression and ball valves. Sensors come with pre-caliberation, allowing two way communication with T80 transmitter and ensures easy pH monitoring. Fabricated with 316L stainless steel with VITON O-rings, S80 PH analyser system is suitable for rugged industrial processes and plant environments.

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Application-Specific Industrial pH Analyzer System Delivers Accuracy with Economy and Long Life

Ten Application-Specific Replaceable S80 pH Sensor Electrode Cartridges For Electronics, Food/Beverage, Pulp/Paper, Chemical, Electric Power, Oil/Gas & More.

Process and plant engineers responsible for process water and wastewater treatment will find the new Application Specific Industrial pH Analyzer System from Electro-Chemical Devices is ideal for rugged industrial process and plant environments, delivering superior accuracy, flexibility, economy and long life.

Measuring pH has never been easier or more cost effective than with ECD's intelligent plug-and-play S80 Sensors. These versatile sensors with their economical replaceable cartridges are available in 10 different application-specific pH electrode configurations to support the most popular industrial process and plant applications in water and wastewater treatment.

ECD's 10 different pH electrode cartridges for the S80 Sensors have been developed to provide the best measurement solution to a number of common industrial applications. Users can choose from general-purpose pH electrode cartridges for water, rinse water, cooling water or wastewater. Heavy-duty pH electrode cartridges are available for high temperature cycles, slurries, abrasive fluids, sulfide resistance and fluoride resistance.

With their rugged design, ECD's S80 Sensors are suitable for the most challenging industrial environments requiring pH measurement. For example, they are suitable for oil/gas refineries or chemical plants with stack gas scrubbers on waste incinerators, in food processing operations requiring pH monitoring in non-conductive corn syrup or starch solutions. They also support electric power plant boilers requiring high purity water, or in electronics semiconductor fab plants that need pH sensors resistant to fluoride in wastewater treatment and recycling.

The S80 Sensors are available in a standard 0.75-inch diameter Insertion/Submersion configuration with threaded compression fittings. They can be inserted into typical pipe tees, flanges or attached to a stand pipe and immersed into a tank or ditch.

Application-Specific Industrial pH Analyzer System

S80 Sensors are also available in a Valve Retractable configuration, which utilizes compression fittings and ball valves to facilitate insertion and retraction of the sensor into a flowing pipe or tank without shutting down the flow through the pipe or emptying the tank. The standard materials of construction are 316L stainless steel with VITON O-rings. Heavy duty materials available include Monel, Titanium, Hastelloy bodies and EPR, EXTREME and KALREZ O-rings.

Set-up couldn't be easier than with the S80 Sensors for pH monitoring. They come pre-calibrated from the factory. When installed they convert the analog signals from their dual toroid magnetic coils into a digital protocol that allows two-way communications with ECD's universal T80 Transmitter. The identity of the sensor, the measurement type and the serial number are stored in the sensor's memory along with three calibration registers.

The T80 Transmitter is a single or dual channel transmitter for the measurement of pH, conductivity, resistivity, ORP, pION, dissolved oxygen and turbidity. It digitally communicates with any of ECD's intelligent S80 Sensors, automatically configuring the transmitter's menus and display screens to the measured parameter.

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