S26 Single Phase HEPA Dust Extractor- Success!!!

Tampa, Florida. Ermator USA's powerful and portable new S26 single phase HEPA dust extractor is taking America by storm. Demand for the s26 which operates as a stand-alone dust extractor and as an attachment to small and mid-sized grinders, scarifiers and floor saws, has sky-rocketed since the product was show-cased at last year's World of Concrete exhibition in Las Vegas.

"The S26 has sold more than double what we anticipated so we have had to speed up the production process" said Ermator USA President Torbjorn Bengsston.

Ermator's Single phase HEPA dust collectors are vac/separators that can be used alone for wide variety of pick-up applications, including concrete grinding, building renovation and new construction. The S26 complements hand/floor power tools used for dustless grinding, sanding and drilling. It is the most efficient and cost-effective solution available for collecting both wood dust and concrete dust. The S26 is an indispensible tool for removing dust and particulate matter wherever construction or building restoration materials are used.

"Our customers increasingly recognize that fast, dustless recovery is required to maintain productivity and a clean-air working environment, and the S26 dust extractor meets that requirement," according to Frederick Akermark, Vice President for Marketing of Ermator USA. All Ermator units feature individually tested and certified HEPA filters include Ermator's unique system of direct "dustless" drop-down deposit into Longopac bags for safe, easy handling, and 100 percent dust-free bag change and disposal. The S26 has a Jetpulse filter cleaning system which allows cleaning of the filter without opening the vacuum, for safety, airflow and pick-up efficiency. A manometer tells the operator when it is time to clean the filter.

A very popular option is the twin hose kit that allows two users with hand held grinders to be hooked up to one S26.

The remarkably low price for the T26 is $2,210.00, which includes individually tested and certified HEPA filters (99.99% at 0,3 microns) as well as a 25' 2" hose, wand and floor tool.

Call Fredrik Akermark at 813-684-7091, email fakermark@ermatorusa.com, or visit www.ermatorusa.com to learn more about the S26 and other Ermator products, including where to buy them.

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