S-Bond Joining Materials and Services for the Manufacture of Sputtering Targets

S-Bond® active solders enable the joining of dissimilar metals and ceramics to each other and to other metals. S-Bond's patented alloys have active elements such as titanium and cerium added to Sn-Ag, Sn-In-Ag, and Sn-Bi alloys to create a solder that can be reacted directly with the metallic and/or ceramic surfaces prior to bonding. S-Bond filler metal alloys produce reliable joints with copper, aluminum, steel, stainless steels, titanium, chromium, nickel alloys, refractory metal alloys and many ceramics including alumina, zirconia, AlN, SiC and joins to most semiconductors including Si, GaAs, CIGS, etc.

S-Bond joins...

o Directly, without the use of flux.

o Without pre-plating steps, eliminating multiple-step coating processes.

o At temperatures below 400ºC, preventing the distortion and softening of metals and also preventing ceramic fractures.

S-Bond® simplifies the joining of many of the typical sputter target geometries. The joining materials are Pb-free and their temperature capabilities exceed that of Indium. For example, S-Bond 220 and 220M joined sputter targets interfaces have shear strengths of 3 - 5,000 psi (20-32 MPa) and can be taken to 195ºC without significant lowering of the room temperature values.

Target materials that can be joined with S-Bond® filler metals to copper and other backing metals include...


o Gold

o Silver

o Nickel

o Vanadium

o Antimony

o Tellurium

o Germanium

o Aluminum

o Titanium

o Copper

o Tantalum

o Cobalt

o Iron

o Chromium

o Manganese

o Stainless steel

o Molybdenum

o Tungsten

Semiconductors / Compounds / Ceramics

o Silicon

o Gallium Arsenide

o Zinc Sulfide

o Silicon Dioxide

o Indium Tin Oxide (ITO)

o Al - Zinc Oxide (AZO),

o Indium Zinc Gallium Oxide

o Aluminum Oxide & Zirconium Oxides

o Most other Metal Oxides

o Titanium Carbide & Silicon Carbide

o Copper Indium Gallium (Di)Selenide (CIGS)

o Cadmium Telluride

About Us:

S-Bond products join metals, ceramics, piezo-electric ceramics, silicon and other semiconductors, glasses, and carbon materials such as diamond and graphite. The wide range of materials joined with our lead-free and fluxless active solders make S-Bond the choice for many applications. S-Bond is a bonding technology that employs our patented active solders which contain Ti and rare earth elements in combination with base solder alloys. Using our expertise in Active Solder Technology, we have developed a range of solutions that allow the cost effective assembly of unique combinations of materials without plating or fluxes. Examples include copper to aluminum and graphite to aluminum for thermal management systems, sapphire to metal for lightweight sensor assemblies, and silicon carbide to titanium and other metals for lightweight armor and wear resistant surfaces. We offer a range of products and services to suit your development and production assembly.

Please contact us for more information - [email protected], by phone 215-731-7114, or visit our website for more information www.s-bond.com

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