Rustlick TRI-Logic System

Synergistic System Works to Maximize Performance and Fluid Life

Glenview, IL - February 12, 2009 - Rustlick has launched a new range of products that revolutionize the cutting fluid market by helping metalworking manufacturers improve efficiency and reduce costs.

When used together the products in this synergistic system work to maximize metalworking fluid life and performance.

Logic No. 1: Maximum life cutting fluids that have been carefully formulated to resist bacteria and fungus growth.

o TRI-Logic ML is a multi-purpose water-soluble oil for general applications

o TRI-Logic EP is a water-soluble oil with EP additives for difficult operations and materials

o TRI-Logic AL is a heavy-duty water-soluble oil for machining aluminum.

Logic No. 2: TRI-Logic VG68 is a patented slideway lubricant with special additives that prevent bacteria and fungus growth to extend cutting fluid life and actively reinforce the anti-microbial properties of the cutting fluid.

Logic No. 3: TRI-Logic RTD is a heavy-duty fluid for reaming, tapping, and drilling that emulsifies into the cutting fluid and fortifies the extreme pressure cutting properties leading to enhanced tool life and surface finish.

As manufacturers work to tighten budgets and uphold ever more stringent environmental requirements, it is increasingly likely that the cost of cutting fluid disposal is more than the original product price. Rustlick's new line of TRI-Logic products is a great way to lower disposal costs and help manufacturers improve environmentally responsibility by helping the fluid last longer in the machine.

TRI-Logic ML, EP, AL, and TRI-Logic VG68 are available in 5 or 55 gallons. TRI-Logic RTD is available in 12 ounces and 1, 5, or 55 gallons.

ITW ROCOL North America designs and manufactures a full line of coolants and lubricants for the metalworking industry including the Rustlick product line of metalworking fluids, dielectric oils, corrosion-control products and sump maintenance systems.

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