Rustlick PowerSaw: Superior Synthetic Coolant for Sawing

Glenview, IL - February 7, 2007 - Rustlick PowerSaw is a biostable synthetic fluid specifically formulated for all sawing applications. This coolant contains advanced lubricants and high level non-chlorinated E.P. additives.

Rustlick PowerSaw improves blade life, reduces machine wear, provides excellent rust protection for both the machine and workpiece as well as extends the sump life. This performing coolant enables superior tramp oil rejection leading to cleaner coolants and machines.

Rustlick PowerSaw works also well in machining and grinding applications and can be used with most metals. Rustlick PowerSaw is a minimal foaming, transparent blue solution for easy viewing of the workpiece. It is available in 1, 5 or 55 gallon containers.

ITW ROCOL® North America designs and manufactures a full line of coolants and lubricants for the metal working industry including the Rustlick product line of machining fluids, EDM fluids, and corrosion control and sump maintenance systems. ITW ROCOL® North America manufactures in Dewitt Iowa in an ISO 9001 facility.

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