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Rugged, Modular, Scalable UPS meets harsh and dynamic demands.

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Mar 17, 2014 - Featuring modular suite of components, PowergridM 1500™ can be configured and scaled to meet defense and industry application requirements. This 1U, 32 lb unit delivers 1,500 VA and 15+ min of uninterrupted power (@ 75% load) and can operate from 100–264 Vac at 47–400 Hz or optional 41–56 Vdc sources. SNMP ports enable remote monitoring of stack over IP network, and Lithium Iron Phosphate (LiFePO4) battery chemistry offers 2,000–20,000 cycle operating life without any memory fade.

AJ's Power Source Inc. - Land O Lakes, FL

Original Press Release

AJ's Power Source, Inc (AJPS) - Announces the PowergridM 1500(TM) Uninterruptible Power Supply (UPS)

Press release date: Mar 10, 2014

LAND O’ LAKES, Florida – AJPS™ today announced the PowergridM 1500™ line of ruggedized UPSs and accessories designed to meet the harsh and dynamic demands of defense and industry.

PowergridM 1500 features a modular suite of components that can be configured and scaled to meet nearly any application, now and into the future. Combining the latest advances in power conditioning and battery technology, the PowergridM 1500 delivers 1500VA and over 15 minutes of uninterrupted power from a 1U (@ 75% load), 32-lb unit – for the power, one of the smallest and lightest UPSs available. The PowergridM 1500 is an all-purpose ruggedized UPS capable of operating in harsh environments anywhere in the world. It operates on a wide range of input sources: AC (100-264VAC at 47-400Hz) and optionally DC (41-56VDC). Multiple PowergridM 1500 units can be stacked and operated as a single UPS, enabling you to configure your UPS system for virtually any load, expand later should the load increase, and increase reliability with N+1 redundancy. The online double-conversion design ensures that your sensitive electronic equipment receives clean, continuous and reliable power at all times.

Additional reserve time is achieved by adding Battery Expansion Modules (BXM) to the stack. Each 1U, 25-lb BXM provides the battery capacity of two PowergridM 1500 UPSs. SNMP ports enable remote monitoring of the stack over the IP network. The small size and low weight of the PowergridM 1500 is owing to the unique Lithium Iron Phosphate (LiFePO4) battery chemistry which offers up to five times the power-to-weight of traditional sealed lead acid batteries. Other benefits of LiFePO4 include: little temperature increase during charging and discharging, extremely long operating-life (2,000-20,000 cycles) with no memory fade, extremely long shelf-life (10-20 years) - and advanced thermal and chemical stability - the batteries are safe to operate even in extreme temperatures and require no special shipping or transport restrictions. AJPS designs and produces high-value power components for defense and industrial applications. AJPS reinvented the rugged UPS with the PowergridM line of commercial-off-the-shelf products. AJPS also builds custom power supplies and related components for special operational requirements. Since 1987 AJPS has powered the systems that defend, connect, and move the world.

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AJPS, Inc.
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