Rugged IP68 GPS Handhelds and Field Computers Launched in India


Designed and Conceptualised in India, SXtreo Range of Rugged Handhelds are Ideal for Field Survey, Field Work and Industries Combined With GIS Mobility Apps From Stesalit

Stesalit today announced the availability of the SXtreo range of rugged GPS handhelds as a part of its enterprise mobility practice, for field surveys, field work under extreme conditions, industrial use, and infrastructure sectors including agriculture, forestry, roads, security and

constructions. With the launch of SXtreo WP nDure series of IP 68 rugged waterproof, dust proof, shockproof mobile devices coupled with in-built mobile GIS applications for surveys, mapping and geomatics, India now has an affordable option to take geo-tagged photos, do waypoint surveys, including routes, tracks and other standard handheld GPS features. SXtreo WP 60 and WP 61 devices are much more than GPS handhelds, having all the features of a smart phone. The GAGAN enabled SXtreo GN series of rugged GNSS field computers and PDAs comes with full keypad and large 5-inch sunlight readable screen for field data entry in large forms, designed for GPS data collection and asset management, ideal for socio-economic surveys, mapping, agriculture, logistics, forestry, public transportation, construction and security.

The design and conceptualization of SXtreo is a result of the in-house R&D effort of Stesalit. The road towards the birth of SXtreo is presented in the video:

Value for large deployments

The SXtreo range of rugged GPS handheld is an economical solution, ideally suited for organizations looking to equip their entire field workforce, while managing strict budgets. The long-life battery of the SXtreo handhelds allows GPS data collection for a full working day, without the need for recharging. The GNSS devices come with full-size USB port for connecting devices.

The SXtreo GN series of rugged PDAs are designed for enterprise asset management solutions, workforce for large corporate entities and the government, field services and sales force automation.

Reliable, accurate GPS

In applications such as natural resource data collection and public works asset inspection where high productivity is critical, the SXtreo range of rugged handhelds and field computers is ideal. Incorporating a high-sensitivity GPS receiver, it has been specifically designed to maximize yield of positions in difficult environments.

GIS Mobility apps for infrastructure sectors and industry with SXtreo

SXtreo handheld's Android and embedded Linux-based open-source secured operating system is compatible with a range of sector-specific applications designed by Stesalit.

SXgeo is specially designed for waypoint, routes, and track surveys. The added advantage from the similar existing applications is that one can capture geo-tagged photos and transfer the survey data through GPRS.

SXsurvey is a complete suite for comprehensive survey management. With the features of SXgeo, one can also create large forms dynamically in the devices for survey data collection.

SXfield is specifically built for the field workers and employees working away from office like road construction, oil, gas and other utility services, logistics and distribution chains, FMCG, consumer and white good companies with large sales networks, operations and maintenance organizations with large service networks, and security organizations including police.

Integrated application SXagro, a geospatial agriculture decision support system in use by esteemed agriculture universities and state agriculture departments, has been awarded both nationally and internationally.

In addition, SXtreo range of IP68 rugged smart phones is compatible with most of the off-the-shelf mobile software applications.

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