Rugged HID Spotlight operates from 120 Vac or 12 Vdc sources.

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Magnalight PML-70-DP-120 70 W HID Spotlight produces 6,300 lumen light beam that can reach over 4,800 ft. When operated directly from 12 Vdc current, spotlight consumes 5.9 A at 70 W. Product includes Xenon D2 type HID lamp and instant-on HID ballast that brings it to full power in 3 sec. It's housing is IP67-rated and constructed of high-impact nylon, and rubber isolators provide vibration-resistance. Polycarbonate handle is affixed to adjusting bracket for beam direction adjustment.

Original Press Release: Releases Ultra Versatile HID Spotlight for Commercial, Military, and Private Applications

Larson Electronics' unveiled today the newest offering in its line of industrial grade spotlights designed for rugged and abusive environments. The Magnalight PML-70-DP-120 70 Watt HID Spotlight produces a 6,300 lumen light beam capable of reaching over 4800 feet in length and offers the versatile option of operation with either common 120 volt AC power or 12 volt DC current. A weatherproof and multi-voltage capable inline transformer allows this spotlight to operate with common 120 Volt AC power as well as its native 12VDC current, giving users the ability to mount and use this light anywhere AC or DC power is available.

With a Xenon D2 type HID lamp and an instant on HID ballast that brings the unit to full power in 3 seconds, the Magnalight PML-70-DP-120 70 Watt HID Spotlight produces a 6,300 lumen light beam capable of reaching over 4,800 feet in length. IP67 rated waterproof, this spotlight's housing is constructed of high impact nylon for lightweight durability and is mounted to vehicles or flat surfaces via an adjustable mounting assembly that incorporates tensioned hinges to provide simple positioning of the light once mounted. Rubber isolators provide added resistance to vibrations and a solid polycarbonate handle affixed to the adjusting bracket allows easy beam direction adjustment that stays in place once set.

By incorporating their IP67 rated DCP-11-DP waterproof power converter and mounting it in-line with this spotlight's power cord via Deutsch connectors, Magnalight has created a high power spotlight that can be operated with common 120VAC household current as well as the 12 VDC current typical in vehicles and boats. This dual current type capability allows users to mount and operate this light in locations where 12VDC is either unavailable or inconvenient as well as on vehicles and watercraft using their own 120VAC or 12VDC power. When operated directly from 12VDC current, this 70 watt HID spotlight consumes a mere 5.9 amps at 70 watts, making it highly efficient as well as powerful. With a housing constructed of high impact nylon, a borosilicate hardened glass lens and solid polycarbonate adjusting handle this spotlight is designed for rugged use and is an ideal lighting solution for those in the military and professional services as well as hunters and workers in the private sector who require a versatile spotlight that will stand up to rugged environments.

We have a lot of customers looking for high output fixed mount lighting to be operated on conventional home or building power," said Rob Bresnahan with Larson Electronics' "We have created a surface mount lighting solution that can be used on 12/24V low voltage or conventional 120/240V AC power. Think of these as mini-tower security lights. The operator uses the handle to move the light around to spot targets, identify security issues and conduct other searchlight functions.

Magnalight by Larson Electronics has provided industrial grade spotlights and lighting equipment to the military and industrial sectors since 1967 and manufactures and sells a wide variety of spotlights, HID spotlights, power transformers, HID work lights and power supplies. Visit to view the entire line of Magnalight spotlights or call them at 1-800-369-6671 or 1-214-616-6180 for international inquiries to learn more or discuss special ordering requirements.

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