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Rugged Android Tablet supports glove capabilities.

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Jan 23, 2014 - Intended for field workers in construction, manufacturing, healthcare, oil and gas, and other industries, RangerX runs Android 4.2.2 Jelly Bean, supports glove touch capability, and offers access to enterprise applications and other downloads via Google Play. Device carries both IP65 and MIL-STD 810G ratings and incorporates outdoor viewable, multi-touch display. Battery life of up to 10 hr maximizes time in field and productivity by allowing for full working shift on one charge.

Xplore Technologies - Austin, TX

Original Press Release

Xplore Releases Google Certified RangerX Pro with Updated Operating System and Glove Capabilities

Press release date: Jan 21, 2014

The rugged, lightweight Android tablet now updated with Google certification and glove touch functionality

AUSTIN, Texas – Xplore Technologies Corp. (NASDAQ: XPLR), the manufacturer of the world’s most powerful, longest-lasting and rugged tablets on the market, has announced new features to its RangerX rugged Android tablet. The RangerX Pro is a multi-touch device that now runs Android 4.2.2 Jelly Bean and gives users access to thousands of enterprise applications and other downloads through the Google Play store. The RangerX Pro has also been engineered to support glove touch capability, helping improve safety and usability in the field.

“The updates for the RangerX put more opportunities in our customers’ hands,” said Philip S. Sassower, chairman and chief executive officer for Xplore Technologies. “Our team is always working to provide the most advanced rugged computing experience possible, and now our users have access to updated Google products as well as glove touch capability to help them stay safe, efficient and productive on the job.”

Google’s Android Jelly Bean operating system provides excellent performance increases, powerful search results and notifications, and boasts an overall smooth user interface. It enriches the device experience and also allows users to sync their preferences and downloads on multiple devices. In addition, the Google Play Private Channel allows enterprise users to distribute internally crafted apps to employees throughout the business using the Play store.

Field workers in construction, manufacturing, healthcare, oil and gas, and other industries will now be able to use the RangerX on the job without removing their gloves. The glove touch capability is also ideal for forklift operators working in and out of freezers or containers where a glove is needed for safety and efficiency. By increasing the sensitivity of the RangerX’s capacitive screen and utilizing a finely-tuned touch screen software, the tablet can accurately and reliably detect electrical impulses on the skin even if obstructed by a glove.

“We’re sensitive to the needs of the mobile workforce, and many of our customers operate in field environments where gloves are required for safety reasons or freezing temperatures,” said Mark Holleran, president and chief operating officer for Xplore Technologies. “Removing gloves to work with their tablet slows down field workers’ operations and raises potential compliance concerns. We’re eliminating that worry with the glove touch feature. With these new features, Xplore has the best rugged Google-certified Android tablet in the market.”

Xplore Technologies’ RangerX device is a lighter weight rugged tablet that provides the largest storage capacity on the market and is certified rugged, holding both IP65 and MIL-STD 810G ratings. The tablet has a battery life of up to 10 hours to maximize time in the field and boost productivity, allowing for a full working shift on one charge. In addition, the tablet’s vibrant outdoor viewable, multi-touch display allows for seamless transition from indoors to outdoors.

The RangerX Pro ships standard with Jelly Bean and Google Play; glove touch capability is available as an added feature at no additional cost. Current RangerX users can download the updates by visiting the download center on the Xplore website or contact Xplore technical support for assistance. The RangerX is available on Amazon and through select channel partners.

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