Ruckus Wireless Unveils First In-Home Broadband Wireless Access Gateway for the Fast Growing Metro Wi-Fi Market

MOUNTAIN VIEW, Calif., Nov. 14 / / -- Ruckus Wireless, an innovator in next-generation Wi-Fi technology, today announced the first in a family of broadband wireless home gateways -- the Ruckus MetroFlex -- purpose-built to deliver the best possible connectivity from subscriber homes to MetroMesh Wi-Fi networks. The announcement includes a joint marketing and development partnership with the leading metro-scale mesh infrastructure provider, Tropos Networks, to offer service providers the most comprehensive, scalable and manageable broadband wireless infrastructure solution available in the market.

New metro-scale Wi-Fi networks sprouting up everywhere are giving more consumers access to broadband services throughout major metropolitan areas worldwide. However, reliably connecting to metro-scale Wi-Fi networks from the home, using conventional Wi-Fi technology that transmits signals in all directions, can be difficult for consumers and carriers. Problems include inadequate range, performance fluctuations, unstable wireless connectivity and broadband performance degradation due to interference. To date, there is no in-home customer premises equipment (CPE) purpose-built for use with MetroMesh Wi-Fi networks in the market.

Talk Clearly; Listen Better

The new Ruckus MetroFlex 2201, available in January 2006, enables broadband wireless service providers to rapidly deploy services to more subscribers by providing consistent, high performance; reliable access and extended reach over standard Wi-Fi links to the broadband infrastructure. Integrating its patent-pending BeamFlex(TM) smart antenna technology, the Ruckus MetroFlex 2201 features a six-element dynamic antenna array capable of transmitting RF signals in 63 unique antenna patterns and orientations.

A MetroMesh subscriber using the MetroFlex 2201 can connect to the optimum MetroMesh Wi-Fi node based on signal quality, network performance and other service provider-specific parameters. The MetroFlex 2201 continuously monitors the signal quality as well as performance of the broadband wireless connection. Upon signal degradation caused by motion in the signal path such as a moving car or interference from nearby RF devices, the MetroFlex 2201 automatically adjusts the antenna configuration to receive signals and steer transmissions over an alternative optimum path. Automatic interference avoidance technology in the MetroFlex 2201 attenuates signals from interfering devices while increasing receive sensitivity toward the service provider infrastructure, making it the ideal MetroMesh customer premises equipment (CPE) for dense urban environments.

One Plus One Equals Three

Ruckus Wireless and Tropos Networks will guarantee interoperability and optimum connectivity between their products to offer a complete solution for broadband wireless service providers.

"With Ruckus we can better extend the benefits and capabilities of the MetroMesh networks directly into the home while giving providers unprecedented remote controls and visibility," said Ron Sege, president and CEO of Tropos Networks. "MetroMesh Wi-Fi networks are quickly becoming the connectivity method of choice for users. With best-of-breed products such as the Ruckus MetroFlex in the CPE category, we can easily see MetroMesh networks becoming a primary means of connecting homes everywhere to bring consumers a new generation of broadband services."

Advanced integration by Ruckus Wireless and Tropos Networks will give providers the power to easily troubleshoot, manage and optimize end-to-end performance for their broadband MetroMesh network.

"We believe that metro wireless offers consumers more options for high-speed Internet access and service providers a new, competitive means for expanding coverage and reaching more subscribers," said Selina Lo, president and CEO of Ruckus Wireless. "Tropos is driving dramatic changes in how users connect to broadband services and how providers can optimize their business models. Metro wireless presents an ideal application of our technology and huge opportunity for our business."

Lo continued: "Consumers just can't be bothered with pointing wireless antennas, discovering the sources of interference or troubleshooting an unstable connection. We eliminate these issues by delivering a CPE solution with extended range, reliable connectivity, and consistent performance by automatically negotiating around interference and routing wireless signals over the optimum path in real time. Our unique, patent-pending technologies have allowed us to expand the capabilities of standard Wi-Fi technology, initially for multimedia distribution, and now to a whole new world of metro wireless broadband access."

About Ruckus Wireless, Inc.

Formed in June 2004 and headquartered in Mountain View, California, Ruckus Wireless is a next generation wireless company specializing in multimedia 802.11 wireless systems for home networks. It designs, develops and markets products and technologies that enable the home media network ecosystem and are designed for the simultaneous transmission of voice, video and data communications over standards-based Wi-Fi networks. The company's patent-pending hardware and software technologies deliver improved speeds, whole-house coverage and reliable performance to the vast installed base of home wireless networks to enhance consumer experience in rich data and real-time media applications. Privately-held, the company has raised approximately $14 million in two rounds of venture financing from top investors including Sequoia Capital, Sutter Hill Ventures, WK Technology Fund and Investor AB. Ruckus Wireless is led by Selina Lo, CEO, and Dominic Orr, Chairman of the Board. For more information, visit the company's web site at

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