Rubber Seal always returns to original profile.

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Clean Seal Plus closed cell foam rubber seal can be compressed up to 10 percent of its original profile and will expand back to its original shape and size. Rubber sealant is resistant to water absorption and heat. Product, available in various shapes and sizes, is also offered with 3M heat activated tape.

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New Seal has Memory of Elephant

South Bend, IN -- "Clean Seal's bold new sealing product bounces back when you need it most," according to Bill Dorton, director of sales and marketing at Clean Seal, Inc. "This new rubber sealing material just begs you to squeeze it! It has a fantastic memory and it bounces back quickly to fill in all the gaps. It has the memory of an elephant," continued Dorton. "We call it Clean Seal Plus," said Dorton.

"Most rubber seals are notorious for losing their memory when you squeeze them down more than 45-50 percent of their original profile. Closed celled sponge seals just are not meant to be squashed to within an inch of their lives," says Bill Dawson, Vice President and General Manager of Clean Seal. "When you place more pressure on the seals than the specifications call for, the rubber seal can lose its retention of shape. The seal just forgets to fill in the spaces and that's when the leaks begin," Dawson continued.

The new closed cell foam rubber seal product can be compressed up to 10 percent of its original profile and it will still expand back to the its original shape and size in a short period of time. In addition to its great memory, the rubber sealant is heat resistant and resistant to water absorption. Available in a variety of shapes and sizes the product is also available with the easily applied 3M heat activated tape. Other adhesives are available as well

Clean Seal, Inc., distributes weather stripping materials to the automotive, transportation, appliance, boating and recreational vehicle industries. In business since 1978, Clean Seal custom manufacturers a variety of shapes and sizes of sealants for customers. They stock EPDM, Neoprene, Silicone, Nitrile and Dual Durometer extrusions. The company also offers vulcanizing services and the application of heat activated adhesive tapes to the extruded rubber and foam seals.

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