Rubber Lubricant is available in no-drip version.

Press Release Summary:

P-80(R) THIX temporary rubber lubricant remains where it is applied without dripping, puddling or running. Thixotropic gel is designed to lubricate rubber parts in overhead assembly lines or those which are aligned vertically to floor. P-80(R) THIX is non-toxic, non-flammable, and free of VOCs. It contains no carcinogenic or mutagenic ingredients, and has near-neutral pH (7.5-9.0).

Original Press Release:

P-80 Temporary Rubber Lubricant Now Available In Standard And No-Drip Version

Overhead and Vertical Application made Easier!

Burlington, New Jersey, USA: International Products Corporation's long-established P-80(R) Temporary Rubber Lubricant now has a second version that extends its range of
applications. Called P-80(R) THIX, the new lubricant is more viscous than the standard version. The increased viscosity allows it to remain where applied without dripping, puddling,
or running on to areas where lubricant is not wanted. It also improves the accuracy with which the lubricant can be applied to specific locations.

P-80® lubricants aid the attachment/insertion of rubber/soft-plastic parts where there is a tight fit. They provide a water-based emulsive film that temporarily makes rubber surfaces slippery. Once a part is installed, the film disappears, allowing the rubber surface to return to its normal non-slip condition. Unlike most other lubricants, they contain no silicones or petroleum distillates. Thus, P-80 lubricants
will not dry-out or otherwise harm rubber. They also leave no residue. This is important for aesthetic reasons, but it also ensures that the part will not become slippery again in the presence of moisture.

P-80 lubricants are used to install grommets, o-rings, bushings, diaphragms, belts, gaskets, seals, washers, shock- and vibration-mounts, sleeves, and many other rubber parts. For many years, the standard version of P-80 has been used worldwide in aircraft, appliance, automotive, electronic, marine, and many other manufacturing operations. The use of P-80 lubricants helps increase output rates and reduce damaged parts. Also, closer fits of component parts can be achieved, thereby improving the overall performance of the end-products. By reducing the force needed to install parts, P-80 lubricants also help avoid musculoskeletal injuries to production workers.

Standard P-80 has the consistency of milk, while P-80 THIX is a thixotropic gel. P-80 THIX is designed to lubricate rubber parts while in positions that will not allow the standard P-80 to remain in place. Usually, this is when parts are in an overhead
assembly line, or are aligned vertically to the floor. While the more-fluid standard P-80 may run off in such situations, P-80 THIX will stay where placed. By eliminating the run-off, P-80 THIX assures adequate lubrication on the part when it is installed. The no-drip feature also helps when parts need to be lubricated in one area then transported to another for installation. It also improves housekeeping in a plant by preventing drips on benches, floors, and other work surfaces.

The greater viscosity of P-80(R) THIX permits a thicker coat of lubricant to be applied, when desired. A greater amount of P-80 THIX on a surface will slow the drying time. This allows the installation of parts to be delayed to a more desirable time
after they are lubricated (e.g., next assembly operation).

According to Charles E. Granito, president of International Products, the new P-80 THIX "is not a replacement for the standard P-80. Rather, it meets the needs of certain users that have difficulty in applying the standard P-80 in some special
circumstances. In fact, I believe many users will want to have both products."

Both P-80 lubricants are safe for workers, the materials they may come in contact with, and the environment. Both are non-toxic, have a near-neutral pH (7.5-9.0 typical), contain no carcinogenic or mutagenic ingredients, and are non-flammable.
When used as directed, there are no known health hazards. Additionally, they are free of volatile organic compounds (VOCs).

P-80® lubricants are available worldwide in a wide range of sizes. Either product can be applied manually or by automatic methods, including bath, brush, spray, sponge, squirt, or pump techniques.

Founded in 1923, International Products Corporation produces and markets a line of specialty chemicals with emphasis on cleaners and lubricants. It has offices in the USA and the United Kingdom, and distributors throughout the world. The company's quality system is ISO-certified.

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